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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


income is cheaper not that exciting

The market doesn't seem that exciting. I am still looking for news on xmsr that would indicate a lower price.. There is nothing I can think of that is doomed although some people would suggest vonage. buying income is cheaper as of yesterday that is all it was a sale. frank is promoting me to manager... manager of what.. My own burger king somewhere in west texas.. Manager of the security company so I can keep all of them in line. Alot of different people are washing dishes, even when I am on shift....

When you are looking at different crimes drugs and prost... are both listed a being the same group of people.. On the internet they are describing using drugs or creating a gambling problem as a way to further the prost..... I disagree with alot of (mad money type) people and I think you should grab a large basket of stocks with nothing bigger than 5% of your portfolio and you can have risk with .5% and it doesn't do much to your return.. I am doing income though and I hold for years.

Monday, February 26, 2007


geo-thermal do you mean wimp (google responce)

Txu buyout looks like a way to get local people who support the tobbaco industry. See witch ones try to use harrasment to try to get them customers..

western geothemal. I was looking up the symbal to try to find what they do.. Do you mean wimp was the responce that google gave me. Looks like a perfect vehicle to try to benifit from specualtion swings and even if they do have leases it doesn't look like they are doing anything with them.

ugth U.S. geothermal this is another company from canada. stock ticker looks like a cartoon cussword. Looks like they are realy building something. stock is around 1.20 a share. looks like they have some sort of contract with ida (they would get into trouble using thier name without permission one would hope)

sragf siera geothermal "with partial funding of US$580,000 by the US Department of Energy's GRED III program." This could like;y be the greed program and they are listed as doing exploritory work with no income 55 cents a share is the listing price they are also from canada.

nglpf nevada geothermal This is another canadian company could be o.k. the area to check is what they claim to have in or a gun (make sure they are not going to rob you this way or a gun)

raser tek. A copyright company with two leases. I don't understand what they do stay away from it. Probily in favor of lawsuit abuse.

ora oramat profitable company that pays a dividend and has local leases. I don't know if the multiple is a little high or not. They build equipment and own and run plants.



coal trade.

disclosure 1/2 of 1% invested in coal stocks. I was looking at the possibility of doing a covered call on fording and using the call and dividend to finance shorts on other coal stocks. fording right now is listed as a stock that pays a 9% dividend and you can get 1%+ up front by selling the april call. I haven't found a good stock for the other part of the trade yet. perferbly something that is priced high so that it moves up and down pretty good.

I am not trying to make people look bad and was sorta pained by the guys responce. Trust no-one that is my responce including my own big mouth at times. some x-files theme music please.

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Saturday, February 24, 2007


box of stuff

I have a bunch of shirts amd cloths.. That is going to come in handy, After I get my $10 from j.c. pennies I will have to get rid of some of the worn out stuff in my closet. hopefully they have a 2 for $20 that I can have $10 off of.. My hand feels good today, sometimes I feel a little in my arm to.. no pain no problem except whatever damage to my handwriting, never was all that good anyway. I have been very fortunate the last couple of months..

I wore one of the new shirts down to the rental office.. why wear some shirt that I bought in 2002 after I returned..... well without description I always think about her when I wear the shirt and would never be able to wear it on a date or even to talk to an unintrested rental office chick..

cleaning out stuff from my closet how long do you keep some chicks makeup and such after she has left it in your apartment. A year should be a cutoff date, but it has been alot longer than that. She left some book by some charecter named laurence, some religious tome of sorts that I kept. Maybe I get some sort of strange clue about her. Life goes on and it is time to forget such strangeness. If there was anything of value I would just leave it.

Friday, February 23, 2007


txu the calpine of coal?

I say this about txu and I think dynergy. The risk is that coal is going to find alot of other uses like clean diesel and other fuels along with alot of other new plants. The other risk is regulation to support natural gas prices for venezuala. I like babcock and brown wind and spi (scottish power) along with ida. I was looking at burger king another stock that is owned by the buyout firm. Looks good and it has a dividend. I breifly considered selling a put and buying a call. Looks like a growth company although a franchise like we have here in corpus christi might consider other nearby towns to deversify some of the locational risk. Looks like the farm workers union is unhappy about the price of tommatoes. They did get another chain to get them more money in florida and to get the money to the workers (in florida). Burger king (we are a franchisee not corperate in corpus) said they would offer the farm workers help in getting jobs at burger king but they had no control over wages. This of course could be bad or a way for people to play devils advocate for political reasons. Franchisees that have problems may consider the company that does $4 trades that look like dividend reinvestment as part of the wages maybe a percent or something,

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Thursday, February 22, 2007


creepy car wrecks

Alot of people talking about wrecks.. I wouldn't have remembered the first one if it wasn't for the second one. Starting on the bus it sounds like people start driving out of elementary school and then we come up to a wreck and I saw a bunch of tree limbs first but I don't know that it had anything to do with it. Then I saw alot of police cars. I saw a wrecked truck and alot of fire engines. Then I saw the stretcher coming up to the car.. I heard did he know that was going to happen. What I didn't see was a body.

Trying an expierment partly because I think about who is coming to the apartment (posibly with cervical cancer) and then I am thinking about who I am working with through one of the temps. I then think about how they could be used to get perscription pain killers. I don't have that much pain but I am feeling it more or less. I put the television on a power strip, It will hopefully reduce the watage and keep some lame brained person (most likely cop or someone posing as) from using the remote to turn the set on and up loud and then enter the apartment to steal the drugs or do something else that doesn't involve doing a job. I don't have in the apartment. (I just use asprin and not very often at that. It is possible that all it will do is lower my electric bill, (standby power doesn't work if you through the switch)

I see in the freezer that some of the floor is very slick, a couple dollars at a junk yard would probily turn up some very good floor mats that would do the trick. That is something the omni is going to be dealing with also, except that they would hurt each other on purpose if it is like the way it is at work (or a portion of them would).

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


more geo-thermal notes and corperate theries


this map isn't all that good and you will notice that the data indicates that discovery and research is still under way..


"The greatest amount of data available for thermal assessment actually comes from the many wells drilled by the oil and gas industry. The earliest large survey of this type was conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, with data and analysis being provided by 23 oil and gas companies and universities. This 1976 North American survey extended from Canada south into Central America. Maps that displayed bottom hole temperature (BHT) readings and calculated subsurface geothermal gradient were generated as part of the study, as well as a digital dataset.

More recently, the Texas Renewable Energy Resource Assessment of 1995 generated a summary map of possible geothermal resource areas along with likely uses (Valenza, 1995). This map showed three types of geothermal areas within the state: hydrothermal; geopressured; and hot dry rock. The entire state has the potential for ground source (geothermal) heat pumps, and many areas have sufficiently hot waters that can be tapped for various direct use industries. Electrical energy production was given a low potential in the state due to the lack of shallow heat plumbs that can be tapped in similar manner to other areas around the world. However, Erdlac and Swift (2004) contend that there is a huge potential for electrical power generation as well. This can be accomplished by the conversion of deep, depleted gas wells from the oil and gas industry into geothermal extraction wells for electrical energy production. This approach was originally given the name "Deep Permeable Strata Geothermal Energy" (DPSGE) because of the deep reservoirs within deep sedimentary basins, like the Permian Basin, that lie within the proper temperature range for extracting hot water for power generation. "

When you are talking about cooperate stuture.. We are all capitalists like those environmental spi (es Scottish power inc.), not Communists like the people that export natural gas. A combination of city and county owned land into tracts that are available for drilling in exchange for shares and then maybe a 1% electric tax that is returned in the form of shares. Most likely it will slow the rise of electric rates by diversifying away from natural gas. The best thing to do is ignore environmentalists who don't want you to look around thier refineries.. It replaces natural gas because natural gas is going to get expensive. The so-called environmental electric is a scam to get you to pay higher rates because wind-power is going to be less expensive than natural gas and their are other laws to add it to the states electric mix.. Through a combination of tax and selling leases it may be possible to finance some of the projects and give a rate of return to the "investors"



some pain..

I am feeling some pain from the fryer baskets.. maybe we can get lighter baskets... ssi disability from it.. no a little pain is just that an annoyance.. At worst I can take some asprin.. It is nowhere near as bad as working for the alci people.. l.k. jordan may have been trying to hurt me.. I have tomorrow off, it mostly wears off befour morning so it is pretty minor.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


flagerent insurance fraud 1/3 of all mental health claims are because of fraud

I have often warned about the dangers of the medical industrial complex and have talked about different kinds of insurance fraud that are practiced with the participation of the corpus christi police department. It is so flagrant that I am openly being harrased because I don't drive and locational skitaphrenia isn't good enough to steal federal or insurance money. In one case you have two possible stories The police department lost control of communication to drug gangs next to a military base (They are even retreating they lost the drug war so badly) or they are helping the catholic church make money off of the hospital they sold them (complete with mental health and drug treatment programs).

Does it bother irish people to medicate brits illegally. Does it bother an organisation that runs a Private school to harass someone who went to the brown vs board school district. No racism is practiced in the open. In the old days they used to market tobacco to children who went to desegregated schools. I digress but I am collecting a reward one way or the other..

here are some quotes about insurance fraud

"About one‐third of outpatient psychiatric treatment is unnecessary, costing Medicare and Medicaid alone up to $185 million a year. With massive fraud also occurring in the private mental health insurance sector, some $336 million per year is being fraudulently spent by the mental health industry."

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siri merfer exc..

I was looking at tv's looks like I would drop from 72 watts to 35 to 40 watts. I don't know if they have the remote controls and the standby energy. I would like to have a switch to turn of an outlet in the outlet. I don't know that it would drop my electric down enough to pay for itself. Not being around the apartment probily drops it down further. I am looking at $200 and I think I might put up with my broken volume button a little longer.

sirius/xmsr. If uyou believe the merger is going through you would short serius and buy xmsr. xmsr should be worth over $18 based on where the price of serius is right now, all units of the combined company being even.

There a little racial stuff from the white guy at work. It is like he is trying to annoy people.. bad idea something like that can backfire on himself bad.. We have the best lobby person, traffic during the week is a little slower, maybe alot slower I am not sure if I have it in the proper context

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Monday, February 19, 2007


xm/serius merger signs of someone trying to use extortion to deal drugs.

I am going up a few thosuand tommorow and will be holding alot of xmsr shares because the shorts are not going to want my puts.. There are some signs that someone is after the cash again. Besides having someone yell at me when I missed 17 I am getting the feeling that there was an attempt to make me feel bad about myself. I am getting some abuse keeping me awake. When you hear about people that do drugs it is always as an escape.. Here some abuse that is the drug dealer sign of the drug war. Looks like xmsr should be worth 17.02 tommorow that is assuming that sirius stays at it's current price.. that is up around $300 per hundred shares or contract. There is a good chance the merger will not go through but I am making a score because of the price move and the way the option market works.

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some stalking

The button on my tv set went into the set... My computer is at 40 watts so The question I have is if my computer is at 40 watts shouldn't I be able to get a television set that is less than 120 wattage. I think the answer is yes when I look into it using google I come up with lcd (liquid display). I haven't tried to estimate how long it takes a new lcd to pay for itself and maybe it doesn't. I found one at 10 watts and one at around 40 watts but that is just an introductory search where older high priced items in google. bears more research.. One thing that is mentioned is that when the set automatically goes on and off the set is always drawing wattage. I am not sure if there is a way around that or not..

I have some stalking going on where a group of Hispanic people follow me on the bus lines and then try to get me an attitude about working. You can follow the claim it isn't retaliation when someone else harrass's you and claims they have a murder contract that way regardless of what you do to retaliate and try to do to blacklist someone you can claim you are trying to protect that person.. Someone is role playing waiting for a particular bus regardless of what number it changes to. That has something to do with stalking and audio harassment done with a broadcasting device. At times I have had the county police time me on return visits during shouting matches (it is their property and the county has jurisdiction over the refineries, damage to the guys voice from fumes leads me to that conclusion.

some police officers come into the store and said person takes a chance they shouldn't. (sort of a humpty dumpty problem) talks about all the abuse and crazy abuse stuff from family members on the guys side of the family. Generally just sounds like a bunch of reasons she shouldn't have custody. We are faced towards the outside window looking away from the city police department. Satanist stuff where everything he says is a lie exc. exc. exc. I caught on to that, it's annoying.. There is alot of number 4 (probily number 4) that can probily be sneaked on to a city recycling truck..

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Saturday, February 17, 2007


cc library, how clinton will sabotage gm, forced investment

Thier is believe it or not a tax benifit that is posible with forced investment in local infrastructure that is not available when you use taxes. All of a suddon those shares can be plopped into a 401k and 100% deductable.. I would mention this because geo-thermal is a realy good cash cow for both taxes and the economy.. I wouldn't call it socialism because it is not worker orentated it is tax orentated..

What happens to gm's budget and profit and loss when clinton sinks the oil stocks with an alertenative energy tax... The same thing that happens to the tax base and alot of state budgets, pention fund goes back to underfunded.. better to have a simple gas tax than a profit tax.

List of magizines in the library.. Oil refineries as terrorist targets (on the cover), some enviremental magazine, more oil company stuff..

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Friday, February 16, 2007


revised geo-thermal arguments

Alot of things in the corpus christi economy are things that are unwanted by the fedral government. This includes the oil refineries, military bases, strip clubs... Along comes an opportunity to have people from out of town pay us to build things that pay taxes. How do we as a community maximise opportunities, what is the sales pitch we should come up with. Can the argument include other items that makes the target market (environmental investors) feel good about coming up with more cash.

Tourism... Believe it or not when you go into the capital markets you get to have a shareholder meeting once a year when those investors come to town and buy stuff...

Other jobs... Throwing in a non-profit to recycle various items.. It sounds good and environmentalists (our customers i.e. enviermentalists) like such things and there is nothing wrong with asking for a donation on a trash, water of gas bill.

other electricity... windtowers are more profitable when they are combined with other items (preferably other windtowers though).

The idea that it is just a small part of the economy isn't that important. We would still be doomed and the feds will still despise us but it is a start..



revised geo-thermal arguments

Alot of things in the corpus christi economy are things that are unwanted by the fedral government. This includes the oil refineries, military bases, strip clubs... Along comes an opportunity to have people from out of town pay us to build things that pay taxes. How do we as a community maximise opportunities, what is the sales pitch we should come up with. Can the argument include other items that makes the target market (environmental investors) feel good about coming up with more cash.

Tourism... Believe it or not when you go into the capital markets you get to have a shareholder meeting once a year when those investors come to town and buy stuff...

Other jobs... Throwing in a non-profit to recycle various items.. It sounds good and environmentalists (our customers i.e. enviermentalists) like such things and there is nothing wrong with asking for a donation on a trash, water of gas bill.

other electricity... windtowers are more profitable when they are combined with other items (preferably other windtowers though).

The idea that it is just a small part of the economy isn't that important. We would still be doomed and the feds will still despise us but it is a start..


Thursday, February 15, 2007


wildcatting for geothermal

mergers can be bad on people, hopefully everything works out.. The safety deposit woman is someone I have known for years and she is a sweet person, other factors came into play that changed my behavior such is the world.

Does the state have some sort of monopoly on hot air ... er I mean hot water for geo-thermal? I suspect that the city itself has a large amount of land available including maybe slant drilling near the airport believe it or not.. would that be stepping on ora's toes... No I don't think so they would be glad to sell the equipment to whoever wants it (since they build and use it, I would double check the symbol I am going from memory and it could be faulty). Instead of watching how we are doomed all the time (oil industry and military bases) we have a chance to get a few jobs here and there. I will re purpose the small cap stock idea and maybe even a couple dollars of forced investment (better than forced taxes any day).

I found a new windpower stock that looks like it could be worth investing in. babcock and brown wind partners. it is on the pink sheets because it is a forein stock (most likely sponsered by someone else). dividend looks pretty good and if spi gets bought could end up being the only (profitable) pure play on the market

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


some led notes

I sort of got a background view on some of the selling points of led lights by looking at different companies. I don't think it is so much about less watage in alot of cases it is about less labor going up into the skylights and replacing the bulbs. The strange size bulbs connected to fire exits and flood lights are going to led. It looks like they are taking it nitch by nitch and even with a bulb for the residential market they may not wipe out flouresent quickly. I am looking on the internet and the odd size bulb market along with the market for bulbs for highway signs have went to the leb bulbs. 15 watt bulbs can now be 1 watt with less labor for replacing the bulbs. It looks like they may have a nitch in the home market if they can advertise that they are mercury free. mailing the bulbs or dumping them when you are out in the country are not convienient. If you compare recycling with the fuel used to drive the bulbs every three years compared to dumping them, going for a ten year bulb may be attractive. There is some question as to what the wattage is going to be on the larger bulbs. The current range of bulbs have the 20 watt equilivent flood lights using more than flouresent. It is not clear yet what the nano-led bulbs are going to do for that wattage requirement.

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the nano bulbs are coming

This is a welcome way to get the lower watt's but not the best way to gets some of our electric back. There is standby electricty used by many apliances and if the wall outlet refuses the electricty to go through then walah..

back in the day you could get 8 watt flouresent bulbs but the drawback was that they didn't last as long and they used more mercury. How much mercury is there from burning coal in the envierment now because of those extra 4 or 1 watts for the more popular bulbs?? That is anyones guess but now the nano bulbs are coming. Last month one company announced that they would start shipping in 60 days to buisness. They are 65 and 75 watt equilivent bulbs using some nano-tek and led tek. I don't see any info on watage except for a 20watt equil for 3.5 watts. This is another example of why it isn't sacrifice we need to reduce electricty use it is tek and common sense.


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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


more on where to report fraud


It is fraudulent to provide demand for services that the federal goverment through abuse. It is pretty clear that medicade is probily paying some bucks over it and thier are alot of prescribed drugs that are not necessary.. The person harrasing me and calling me a drug addict is causing illeagel demand for perscription medications paid for by the federal government and insurance companies. I call it the dangers of the medical industrial complex

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Monday, February 12, 2007


signs of ford abuse

I am going to suggest as a theory that there is a segment that wants to sell ford stuff and they are using abuse to sell more vehicles. They have sold the city alot of cars and trucks and they will do favors for ford including murder.. When I was hanging around the ford plant you had all the radio hacking guides and I even knew people that worked for ford. The reality is that ford isn't planing to use the port of corpus christi, that would be toyota. I am looking at dark skinned cops that are the same tone as the woman who is selling for ford being abusive to me because I am a pedistrian..

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more on the sperion cross-dressing scandal

The sperion people are mad that I wouldn't cross dress in front of the liberty tax agency like they are being paid to do. sperion for those who don't know will come up in a screen of companies under $10 that are 70% owned by institutions (Refered to as 70% institutionalisd by those in the know). They are scolding me telling me they told me what it was exc exc.. I told them I wasn't going to cross-dress and asked them if they believed that was the sort of example they wanted to show kids because that is what the guy is doing. She is telling me that some people may feel that way and then she is defending his right to do that. Unless they believe thier is a terrorist attack and are trying to get a wiretap on a pervert I am not realy sure what they are trying to do.



corpus christi ripping off the federal government ie $400,000 grant for drugs, mentaly ill

I am going to repeat what I keep repeting. The police department has not lost control of comunication to drug gangs near a military base they know what is going on and choose not to enforce drug laws until it suits them. If you compain about abuse and get called a drug adict after the first problem is reported then you are using a political enemies list to game the statistics to get money from the feds.

The headline is

Help coming for mentally ill. some of the money is coming from city and county and $400,000 comes from the feds. They get paid by the feds for sucide prevention and drug counciling


Saturday, February 10, 2007


vaero monopoly and questionable behavior

A person claiming to be from sperion sent me to a place that purports to be a liberty tax service location at 2833 baldwin. He doesn't have any of the mr liberty things he wants me and him to dress up in the miss liberty thing and stand outside and this is an example to a male child... The shell monopoly station became a stripes valero.. Now there are three valeros on the holly and kostorez intersection... It has to be saatire but why the person is spending cash on it is unkown to me... I saw another canadate velisek or somesuch democrat admits you can't run all of america's cars on corn and then says something vauge about biomass. If he said more I am unaware of it because I wasn't paying that much attention.. Seems to have more of a grasp than clinton as far as what to do..

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sperion recordings of april

I am listning to (my neibors are two it is a cheap answering machine from walmart) to women named april claiming to be from sperion. The woman that called me friday could have been the mom of the woman who was giving me the job last year. Sounds more like the women from absolute more than anything. I am not going to be that happy if thier isn't a job thier. I am getting the feeling that I am getting slanderd again. I suspect the reason is they are trying to incite violence against me or something.

Friday, February 09, 2007


basic4gl and possible 911 refrences

Basic4GL conversions of tutorials 2,3,4,5,6,7,9 and 11 are available in the &ldquoPrograms&rdquo folder.

When you run a program you hit go. I am not looking at the stuff from 2001 although some of this may not have been changed. I am watching t.v. today and oliver north is talking about having worked for nbc. What I am theorising right now is that someone knew about the planned flight of the nbc person who produced frazier or that it was planned on that day for one reason or another. Futher stating of course that is what was roleplayed in computer music magazine. Alot of what I am reading looks alot like ufo stuff and if you dig a little deeper of what one person on the python board called the "crime scene". My plan is to of course convert a little of my csound routine code from python to basic4gl to see if I can get it to work better. The programs compiles to exe and is simular in alot of ways but has the proper .dll's

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Thursday, February 08, 2007


tssp, j programming language, short a auto parts company that is bankrupt

I started looking at the j programming language and they are telling me I can reproduce it but from what I am seeing it has copyright protection. I found that it does have a use in anamation.. I E. a combination of creating a 3d model and using the built in zoom in and zoom out for screen capture and going to and from planets.

I am looking at tssp.pk what I did was go through the entire list of distibuters looking for thier products. Well mostly. I didn't see thier products listed anywhere except the company they had linked to. The other companies do not mention them. What they are doing is saying that they are making money all of a suddon. I did see that if you go through all the pages they claim they are distributing some items for other manufactures. I would go through the calafornia list and look for one that has a bbs and ask them what they do with thier products and how much it would cost for them. I saw some mention of them having 71 shareholders..

dora is in bankrupcy and I keep getting harrased and being asked why don't I buy a car. So I shorted it.. I don't know if this is a good idea or not.. I don't understand why it is still trading.

I recieved a call today from someone claiming to be from the sperion temp agency at about 10. she said she wanted me to go to an interview that was several miles away, then go back several miles the other way to take a drug test and then go back in 3.5 hours. She did claim she could give me a ride. See the above I shorted a car company in bankrupcy. It is the other side of the trade I feel bad for why would anyone make an investment that is that bad. The auto worker is screwed anyway and if you want to help them you would short and give them the cash at this point.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


how to use the hopewell project to satire iran and citgo

I just thought of this and it is probily happening amung type a serious people explaining why you shouldn't do this... Who want's a hydrogen bomb in thier basement, what for the anti-hope side to explain the dangers of explosion and then use the system to go all electric out in the country to replace natural gas and propane systems in a detached building. You wan't your solar pannels for peak and use windpower though for offpeak and storage..

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inform on citgo board. and hopewell project..


I was looking at the hopewell project and from a research point of view it is a great project but from a tek point of view it is a bad way to impliment a good idea. Case in point, It is not unusual to hear about houses that explode because of natural gas leeks. Replace this with alot of hydrogen tanks and what do you have. The other part of this is just the idea that you have to start it from scratch and you have to use an expensive peak energy (more energy when we need it) as opposed to less expensive wind power that is generated at non-peak and will be wasted otherwise.. The other part of the cost side is that you are suggesting that you have to build the whole house from scratch and can't do it as part of a new shed or storage building. If you ignore the cost of the electricity from offpeak because it is all wasted and just count the cost of the plan't what do you have... This is the best replacement for natural gas I have seen and it does something else it takes waste from our current system. You just can't turn a nuclear plant off at night or for that matter even natural gas and coal plants are just reduced and not shut off..


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state of hydrogyn for remote power gen/storage $30,000




I have looked into this and they look like

$30,000 for a bottom of the line hydrogen gas system to store excess energy from a hydro/solar/wind power system. The problem with this is that the distilled isn't going into the fuel system automatically... what the organisation from the previous post may have built was a hydrogen gas bomb funded by a non-profit for anti-war activists or something.. $500,000 seems like alot of money for the experiment.. This is a two story house unless the resident paid for part of the cost it seems like an odd amount of money for it.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007


terrorist attack references computer music november 2000

Terrorist attack refrences computer music november 2000. This is on page 4 and 5 of the magazines index. page 5 is the creapiest.

80 b4
84 TerraTec ews88d

so looking at the magizine under reviews it looks like b4 terr ateck

terrateck sells sound cards that are packaged with software and the software includes jeskola buzz. Could be just buzz on these cards.

the samplier that is mentioned in 31 isn't easy to find (unless I have the wrong issue)

84 and B4 look alot alike in the typeface giving it sort of a double effect.

terrateck is mentioned as a budget wonder.

buzz faqs (jeskola buzz) is on page 48.

page 35 states

"Net Guide ............. 50"
"To cakewalk sites. It is massive in America and big over here.
we check out it's net pressence"

cakewalk is a boston company that can use jeskola buzz machines.

another terratec is on page 78 and also on 79 the phrase verdict is listed on the bottom.

This is hard to realy roleplay but maybe there is something I don't see with it..

page 102 and 103

"every product listed in the last 11 issues"

headlines in the middle are

Buying advice (you know what you want)
Plan of Attack (before parting with your cash)
Mail order (doing it on the phone)
Use Protection (There are ways and means...)
Complaining (hopefully you don't have to )

verdict list is (verdict is the number)

Cubase 10 (number 10's are in red)
logic audio 10
cubase 10 (another version of cubase)
music center 9 (number 9's are in green like money)
FruityLoops 9 (this was befour they combined with jeskola buzz)

The slogan for the magazine on page 114 is The Future Network Media With Passion

massiva is also metioned (don't think it is online anymore with one of those strange go pages like that had everywhere in jeskola buzz) http://www.go.to/massiva

I missed this the first time if it is relevent

page 14 Rack Attack

Profesional Audio Solutions


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new 911 stuff from march 2001 and befour..

This is page 100 of computer music magazine.. If you have the disk you of corse have all the 11 effects and 9 instruments and place where airplanes go and hijact along with all that are online (or soon to be online)

Here is the headline or biline or whatever

get carter and and don't let him off the hook, he'll get into a slo funk and try his voice fusion but your new cuts and killer tweaks can take care of all that.....

This is of corse nonsence in the context of music content but fills some space..

sample cds.

ron carter: bass Phrazes (I notice this because the producer of phrazer died 911 if I recall right and phazer is mentioned twice in the magazine)
off the hook (I see this twice but don't see any meaning)
next two sample disks don't seem to be relevent as far as I can tell

NY CUT Z off da hook volume 2 (pairs seem to be common here)

killer tweaks analog fx (this is also mentioned in issue16 from sometime in 2000)

"These Roland system-100 and sh-09 produced samples have been neatly divided into 11 catagories"

On the bottem all the way across is

Verdict and a number

also of note is reason software... Just add one letter T (Treason)
phrazer software is on page 78 and reason is on page 19..

Maybe there is a reason.. who would be off the hook???



drug source..

unidentified and unidentifiable reports possibly just making fun of the title of my site... I am hearing they are trying to frame us. I can't dispute this either because there seems to be an unwillingness to prosecute drug dealers combined with an unwillingness to take control of communication away from them. I don't have a location that has been mentioned but it works something like this.. Alot of abuse and then someone will approach you to sell you drugs. This is called self medication and then they will hurt you on purpose. This is how the reports I hear are told.. No location is mentioned. This doesn't mean testing is bad just that it seems to be Incorporated in a new type of crime.. I am not just hearing about it I have been approached with it but no one has tried to hurt me and then blame drugs or the drug war (instead of citgo because they are the other side of the trade when it comes to blame and Colombia). In fact the story I hear is that you get the extortion and abuse to sell drugs when the desire is to hurt someone and then it is followed by a test of the person they have intended to hurt.. (I would remark here that colombia and venzuala have had a border war and chavez is crazy so blaiming drugs for hurting someone may be part of his politics)


Monday, February 05, 2007


buget is comeing into play

Bio fuels is in the budget in a big way.. It is a great thing to get rid of waste like we did in the natural gas industry but the danger is that all of a sudden prices go up sharply and supply plummets. Switch grass is being mentioned and part of a responsible way to do that is perhaps to mow less often and use switch grass as a bio fuel when it is done. I am reading a little bit about algae again.. It is the holey grail of bio-fuels.. Both per acre wise and it's ability to use lands that would have no value otherwise..

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I cant rightly tell if I have overhead door people across from me or not... voice sounds familiar and I hear coughing in the morning.. could be other things though.. cigarette smoke or something.. I am getting abuse about driving.. I do well when I walk to the mailbox a car...??? I am remembering the marter one stuff I used to get in my email and have decided I don't wish to be one.


Sunday, February 04, 2007


endless abuse as a way to fight the drug war


one out of ten claims that endless abuse causes drug use but that is the claim of the person abusing me in my apartment and he even uses kids to help with his abuse. I would also note that none of the entries describes it as a way to fight the drug war.

endless abuse is more often mentioned with sexual abuse and also linked to physical ailments (a great way to rip off the state and the feds)

Saturday, February 03, 2007


comparision and fault in the drug war in my apartment

This is a description of what the person who abuses me is doing


This is a description of what he says he is doing while he is saying it is my fault..


just glancing at it and looking at blame and how it is my fault he abuses me and the problem he has with postcards (I sent one to a state agency about one of many women in an apartment) and what he says he is doing you come up with the profile of a molester with a wiretap using alot of accuses and blaming drugs for his actions... It is amazing how they are using children to further the smear....

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today the people who control the comunication are exploiting children

today the people who control the communication are exploiting children. It works like this mr control of communication mafia says what do you think about the drug war with the abuse that I tend to shout at and then other said person goes up the stairs later with his child. Really it is another form of lying where we try to get our terrorist attract to be about drugs and try to exploit the child as a witness. One of them has been suggesting ways I could off myself everyday and was unhappy I bought a new coffee maker that didn't have exposed wiring.

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Friday, February 02, 2007


what does posting oil spills around citgo (costal) get you

I would be harassed and then just leave and walk different places. Sometimes I would walk down the railroad tracks behind the oil refineries, posting stuff about all the spills I saw down the railroad tracks. I say this because I am still trying to understand why someone would want me off the Internet badly enough to abuse children.. (If that is what was to happen and I don't really know that it was). I sent a post card to a state agency on a post card and now when I get post cards in the mail I get alot of abuse... If you are citgo (Venezuela) or a friend of citgo's what do you do if you want to commit a murder. Replay a terrorist attack on the Internet??? There is some Mexican guy who has audible damage to his voice because of what is probably the refineries who has decided he controls communication on the bus and is going to call me (mr child protection agency informant) a pervert. I suspect he may have been fired from citgo. He is not as bad as the black guy who was trying to get me to commit suicide in 2001 when I was working at sitel but he is intense.

Drugs.... I am getting harassed and they claim it is about Drugs??? I am getting harassed and then a police officer says it is about drugs??? This is what happens in corpus Christi.. This is what cops say to protect organized crime. He flat out stated that a lie detector test isn't evidence. I openly offered to take a lie detector test about a terrorist attack and about drugs if he wishes.

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frost bank simulation..

Corpus Christi

(361) 844-1071

4215 S. Staples, Suite 208Corpus Christi, Tx 78411Teller Applicants must first call (361)844-1071 to schedule a time to take the Teller Simulation Test.

speaking of simulation thier is a bank simulation by simpy


they have bank1 and bank2 simulator and a rocket simulater plus levels.... by some guy named Simon Frost and klaus Miller. I have done buisness with them a couple of times in the past...

I am searching for frost in the news and levels is mentioned in the software this is a stretch about att in san antonio by a frost analist

Whitacre "learned this business from the ground up, then he figured out how to the take the company to the next level and compete on a whole different scale," Frost Bank analyst Le Keough said.

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