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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


burger king

burger king corpus christi texas .... Burger king went up realy good this morning. We will see if norman had to call the sucide hotline or not with his short position.. I have my eye on cyanotec.. small amount they are best of quality in a field that may change quickly.. Robert said he was going to show me how to make coffee, better than mcdonalds?? I am still waiting to see that.. They were in a real good mood this morning usualy it seems like they are in a better mood later in the morning (I am making more cash from bkc than mcdonalds for sure)


Monday, August 24, 2009


another day of harrasment for juror number 00412563 1553 at 1213 17th 17 street

1213 17th street corpus christi texas

I am getting that audio harrasment, something about do not ask don't tell. I put on some woss ness and thier song describing simular harrasment and saying that grand father mafia (who commited sucide two years befour) aint having it... "all you n watching me what are you watching me for you better go home and watch t.v because that what it is for" and call him a fruit every 5 minutes. sounds like he is like norman and has an emotional need for an abusive situation..

he says he is going to make sure I get fired. It is disrespectfull to put on a song in infinite loop that calls the abuser with a wiretap a homo every 5 min..

I have a tall person who says someone at the downtown burger king has a drug problem and that he can get me a job at waterburger and that I should quit the burger king in corpus christi.. He would get a job there but he claims he makes a $100 a day selling crosses. I saw him outside the apartment befour I picked up the juror summons at my mailing adress. (it had probily been there a few days)

robert said he was going to fire me if I went to the fbi again about my paycheck last week I had told him if he didn't want to pay min wage he was going to have to fire me.. I think he is trying to say the fbi wont do anything regardless of what he does down the street from them... Like they have a deal or something.. The paycheck is most likely messed up it always is just like it says in the woss ness cd... Plus powel does that track the only way to beat us is to cheat us.. I wonder who left me that cd..


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


burger king corpus christi .....

Burger king corpus christi I had a realy bad morning, I almost never put that machine together .. It sort of feels like apac including the broiler being defective or I think better put the instructions were defective it is no wonder they were burnt down... It is like someone was using them as a way to doctor shop... robert comes in in the morning and he usualy argues with someone..Check mate property damage? I keep thinking that only with general re and not robert. So you have a problem and you decided to use re now you have two problems... and then it would go check mate property damage... I was hearing that at network check mate property damage and that I still remember that I was hearing voices and that is what I heard...

I was hearing on the bus "why don't you drink" before I reached the arabic gas station. I couldn't figure out what the point of that was so I looked it up and found jim gaffigan and was sorta amused I will have to tell that one to someone at work.



Monday, August 17, 2009


so you have a problem and decided to use re....

These are just notes.. maybe a story later.. I am looking into cyanatec (spelling probily)... They have a supliment from algae that is supposed to fight cancer.. At some point I think someone decided that tek was not going to save us.. I will try to place this together with some chance of being wrong... An opionion of an unknown person what difference does it make it if comes from somewhere else..



I am trying to decide if renata daninsky is something roleplayed and released or just a very very hot babe

The gov is going to have to buy some video's for me :) , or even better than watching her general re can hook us up.

black stockings... or black stalking..


this website is of note but I will have to see what the motive of the source is..
here are some quotes that may be helpfull..


"reinsurance. Reinsurance companies protect insurance companies against catastrophic losses. Reinsurance companies, including General Re, owned by Berkshire Hathaway Inc., expects to suffer $2.2 billion in losses in the Sept. 11 attack. Authorities are investigating whether al Qaeda agents might have sold short in three reinsurance companies whose prices fell sharply right before the attack, AXA, Munich Re and Swiss Re."

posible finacial motive to get an answer plus they are more likely to have moral reasons to find an answer..

selling short. A technique in options trading that allows a party to profit from a decline in the market. Bin Laden's network is suspected of selling short before Sept. 11, to profit from the decline in airline and reinsurance stocks.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


homeless people are helping people gets jobs at waterburger

burger king corpus christi .... someone complains about the quality and says burger king is going down. and I say ya we have a bad sabatoge and racketeering problem. I hope it is getting better and then he (who of course makes $100 a day selling crosses on the street) offers to help me get a job at waterburger working 60 hours a week... I am inclined to wait to add to a position but to chance a little bit I can loose for the chance to make some cash and brag about it later is atractive the price is right on $17.50 the call price with it going up .22 cents after the close... norman might need to talk to someone who is bilingral I am under the impression the price means to much to him, and my impression is the person I am talking to has some of the same sales pitch. The market in general is probily going down next week but burger king is a wild card day to day... expiration date is the 22nd so if the price goes above $17.50 there is a little extra kick in the price because of options..

Friday, August 14, 2009


otec replacing oil in electrical generation in hawii..

say no to opec use otec.. The tecnology has been around since the 1880's but it hasn't been researced much until recently and it has been researched alot but implemtation has been slow moving until the recent stimulas plan. these projects look like they have been on the back burner since 2004. atec bidding if it works like it is should it is estimated a 7 cents a kilowatt hour in the tropics and a fast changeover for hawii and other us tropic possetions would be recomended, cool stuff I found on accident, looks like thier is no public comanies except lockeed martin


behl company and cyan (fights automobile defecentcy)

I am going to use BioCentric Energy without their permission to role play something that probably doesn't have anything to do with them (or to replay something someone else replayed)....

He worked for the bell company not the behl company....

vacation time out in the country different places a farm with a pond that was overgrown with algae, pig farming and other fun stuff...

We will name one person robert king.. He would save all his bacon grease all the time, had hard liquor and a compass that would tell him if his car was wire tapped..

this story that probably has nothing to do with the comany is

dennis (different last name than the company) had to pick him up when he ran out of money at the race track... (a race track is a type of pond paid for by the energy department?? I have to go back to see the agency)

He is mad about something a fire or something he says

he is stupid he doesn't know how to work on cars, I don't want him anywhere near my car. You could just imagine him boiling down the Greece to get rid of the water and mixing in the hard liquor to make bio-desil or maybe one of those systems that heat a solid grease to a liquid...

probably nothing to do with behl I just remember all the stories from when I was a youth when I read the press releases but I am placing them in a different context. They seem to be suing alot of people.. I hope I am not one of them.. I believe the stock moved in large part in response to the exxon-mobile adds and a few news related items.. I bought at .025 cents and sold at 8 cents.. I would consider it highly speculative I wouldn't buy it because you expect a short squeeze, I suspect if anything comes of the investigation into aleged short selling, someone may have to look into speculation that inside info on when exxon-mobile was running its adds will have to looked at also... If you want to have some fun $10 is appropriate. they do seem to come out with alot of press releases but they can do release whatever they want to.

I found one that is profitable, I dont know if they have some of the space from the old guvment program or not. vitamins from algae for the immune system ... know anyone with automobile deficiency???


Thursday, August 13, 2009


cut your check in half prediction for next fbi complaint

burger king corpus Christie Someone asked me if I get paid every two weeks. 20 hours was stolen from my last pay check after someone approached me in a disrespectfull was and offered to sell me drugs.. I let him live but I might regret that... It is company policy to promote homosexuality and then retaliate and to promote drugs and then retaliate for non-participation gives off a strong impression of retaliation by military personnel. She says her boyfriend is in the military, the person who does the sexual abuse has control of communication by the fbi's office.. Not a great way to win support for military personnel or the government screw both of them if I have to listen to that crap all the time..

oh he is going to rid someone exc. exc... watch the magic show.... he is not that is about steriods and robstown I hear the voices.... I hear the rage... I know the excuses about why someone should subscribe to you.. thats jason or what he roleplayed..

I also know about alternative methods to doctor shop for pain medication... It works something like this get someone hurt on purpose repetive strain or other repetive movement like the broiler we have from duke (It has defective instructions) and then get the drugs... I know what the voices want...

This is the take on norman he was sent by the obama health care nazi's to kill us all with smoke inaliation..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


burger king drugs

burger king corpus christi texas. I had 20 hours stolen from my check, it may of been because I said that drugs were a waste of my time the exact same thing happened last time I refused to get involved with something illegal or immoral and said it was a waste of my time.. Norman seems to be in a bad mood when he cant get rid of all the oxygen in the store. I think they refer to that as an inhalant problem where you concentrate carbon monoxide in order to get high. We know the 911 related stuff is about drugs because "we are running entrapment scripts". I think one of them is a new form of doctor shopping where you try to hurt someone else with a repetitive injury and then hope to get prescription drugs from them or it is an entrapment issue where self medication is supposed to be used.

He dont want you to get paid (perscription drugs) and he is fighting a drug war so that can be an excuse to steal money. It is about the drug war or something else that idiots can cling to.

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Monday, August 10, 2009


the closer you are to the fbi the more drugs there is

corpus christi texas . They are probily smoking a joint at the fbi right now.. First encounter probily wiretaped and people didn't want to talk to me afterwards perhaps because I tend to ridicule people.. Someone has to sell, the game goes on and another "drug person" across the street from the fbi this one is a buyer ..

This game can be part of a series of interlocking excuses to hurt someone on purpose. Someone has to be a marter against the oil industry I suppose, I don't intend to be though. They were both white so a white supremist group that is pro=tobbaco and anti brown vs board could also be the motivation.

Sunday, August 02, 2009


the voice says what would a drivers licence do for you

what would a drivers licence do for you???

This is common harassment...
It will allow me to die (in a car accident from lack of sleep from harassment)...

We are going to do the thing at the house that goes something like this..
withdraw... more pressure... check every once in a while to see if
we can get something that matches the lie we made to the government in our report
about drugs and terrorism (911).. because the government is stupid and we are going to cover our (*&*&&(*.. It's like a career..

there were a couple of days that it sounded like someone was screaming, maybe they were being tortured in jail whatever, easier to listen to than alot of what I hear but slightly creapy by any means.. monday and wednesday I think... it was really creepy...

I may even kill a drug dealer in self defense after a long chase...

I was listening to bbc 6 last night and it was strange because I was thinking of this door song as a quote for the about box on the ride tab editor. The song of course is riders of the storm...

The playlist goes like this... riders of the storm by the doors..
and then it is disco.... all the go songs are about this charecter that grew up during the era being disced (go )... :) The song is much more sybolic and powerful than I realised when I first put together the editor.. "The world on you depends our word will never end got to love your man" ... with the iran democracy thrown in for good measure..

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