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Sunday, June 27, 2010


some idiot is leaving drug parfinelia in the bathroom

This is a game, I can't tell if it is extortion, or if it is planted for a criminal case we may have in the future or what the game is. I think the game doesn't work at this location so the gamers are hoping it works better in an isolated setting and then they will try to play the game again... I called the landlord, it was just sitting there propped up on some soap and she came over placed her finger prints all over it, so if there were any prints they would be harder to find.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


combo air gun holes and warren buffet

I am thinking combo between meat packing and place north towards robstown... warren babtest including the rename to anaville babtest (where the skini little chicks live).... mrs jones sounds like a buffet reaction to a cheap market, I will have to live it I suppose.....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


family dollar

here is all the dividend achiever stocks with a few generics on the shelves.

ruby on rails ..... you have dispatch (st louis paper)
you have lightrail (st louis mass transit)

Monday, June 21, 2010


hit and run on 15th and morgan

I was walking down morgan (in corpus christi Texas of course) when a car comes from the mcdonalds side of the street, I am walking across and I notice it is not turning down morgan it is going strait across. I speed up my walking a little bit and finish going across the street and then I keep a watchful eye behind me and then I hear BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM it crashes into the truck parked in front of the first house, I checked around but didn't see any sign of damage to the truck (in the dark how well do you notice stuff anyway)... The car itself goes very very slowly as I walk towards it and then they start going at a faster speed when the indecision was gone I supose.. it is just a generic curved car like just about everything on the market now-adays.


trading for next month....

the conditional buys would be....

jnj (if I can dollar cost down)
flo (if it goes bellow 1% of my portfolio or I can dollar cost down)
clc (if it goes bellow 1% of my portfolio its on a rip 1.06 percent with big cap gains)

plans are.....

xom exxon mobil (small amount)
nzt new zealand telecom
ed con edison.

I may have 4 weeks instead of three so I may have to expand that. looks like the market is likely to be up pretty big this morning.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


by some fluke my income went up..

It's a fluke but my income went up $5 - $6 dollars a quarter last month from dividend increases add in compounding and more cash and it starts to go up quickly...

new dividend on byddy (chinese car maker, no expected)
div increase on flowers (expected)
big div increase on del monte (not expected at all)
div increase on pepsi (expected)

I think someone is fishing for cars are a waste of money...

he says stocks are a waste of money...
so I say it increases my buying power for cars houses exc...

It is hard to go anywhere with the philosophical part of the argument, the extortion part of the argument might go somewhere but it is someones elses idea, so I don't blame him for it, said person will use other people to cause trouble ... We look at the car adds in the morning, I am looking for a tek shift, and my buddy is looking for cool cars.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


room for rent roommate

I think he found a way to attract maggots and is doing so because it is against tinidads policy. It's a game where he knows a little about bugs and how to attract them I think...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


someone stealing heb shopping carts

I have someone who is playing games that he is satin.... One person asks where the movie theater is near the walmart (also mentioning that the carts cost $300) and the other one with the bald spot on the middle of his head and a long beard takes one of the heb shopping carts. I am not sure if he is trying to plant the idea of stealing walmarts shopping carts or he is trying to play bad god to another guys good god. (most likely both are evil)... We are sam kane beef processors to the world not shopping cart thief's get real...

some stuff roleplayed from the heb headquarters....


There is no excuse for child abuse and then they throw you off the roof for marketing marlboro reds to children.... I could see that happening at ccisd.

Friday, June 11, 2010


studing for my blue hat or to be a man in blue (air songs)

.... route 19 and 17th street on ayers. 911 ayers or agape training center, It's a gapping hole song...

hey 19 retha franklin shes the queen of soul
we cant dance together
we cant talk at all
take me with you when you slide on down..

you would look up hey 19 by steely dan.
I tipped a black chick a dollar (not recently though) what are you going to do about it.....

I am going to be watching for the falling cows...

You also have reeling in the years....
have you had enough tears,,,'
have you had enough of mine (I think it is tough on the hands so it adds to the effect)

Those are my gaping hole songs (from steely dan) that I am adding to my other hole songs I sing at kanes when I put the air in the meat.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


another try at it.

bryn doesn't want me near cats or acats....

aka the black woman.

roleplayed as doesn't want his shares transfered from a swiss account maybe..

why would there be berkshire shares in a swiss account... money from somewhere it can sit there forever and you don't get into trouble with the irs.. It just seems that they were roleplaying berkshire from time to time so there is another story about a house that was being built by digger, and he had my fathers help to put in a telephone but he didn't want any money for the help..

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


this job oe company is bs (it's ubs not where I work)

Thats right it is a swiss bank so I have to guess the senario as it would be roleplayed.....

Shares of bryn (brian if I roleplay it the swiss symbol for berkshire)...

The shares are put into someones name... just think of all the money you could get if you do something to whoevers kid.... maybe it is joint custady of the account, the church or someone gets it if they do something bad to children.... They are good with marketing with cartoon charecters with that lizard, sorta like cammel. reminds you of corpus seeing all those geico lizards running around..

Monday, June 07, 2010


death angel

del angel (with an x showing) (Death angel??? nation of islam def)
churches (chicken with a star)

I am not realy roleplaying that out to anything...

I am feeling sick so I am going to get some hot cider with vit c and nod off.... looks like I was able to do an odd lot using the island exchange, I don't know that I am getting the best price when I do that so I will have to talk/complain to the broker about that....

Saturday, June 05, 2010


bryn (another symbol for berkshire)

hey little guy..... role-playing off the Swiss exchange swb (so you had warren babtest church and the stock symbol down leopard). stk (a toolkit in music) you do get alot of war (for warrents) and and well it's public info they have (own) the trucks that deliver cigarettes to convenient stores...

you would role play bryn as an abusive racist who wanted to make a racial statement about black women and not being around them (in high school)... dave a jackass who wanted to roleplay himself as being a black woman on the asvab he was anti-war and was probably making dumb statements about what you have to be to get a promotion. Contract on America he would say of reagon. I will explore that more.


exploring what the person (organsion) that is harrasing is asking

Because you are making more money for a short period of time and everything went well last week so you should automaticaly move and spend alot more money without knowing what is going to happen when things slow down for seasonal reasons (a bank would laugh if you talked to them to buy something with that argument).... what are you selling and why is that outside my window... maybe there is some expectation I would live near burger king and report on it in my blog... maybe they are selling or trying to rent something more expensive...

I am expecting more of a problem in housing so they are asking me to pass up on opertunity while getting myself into a lease and spending more money...

I managed to get some mad money stuff on cnbc.com.... He says everything is going to continue to go down... Someone came up with the suggestion that the european central bank would give out money to everyone in the eurozone to fight deflation.. This would be given but there would be conditions on debt exc... Some countries would be able to spend it or hand out checks some would have to pay off thier debt... I don't hate the idea particularly..

dd dupont was suggested as an accidental high yielder... I can trade that overseas so I would have one purchase of dd for this month ($1000 is a good number) and then any overtime would float into next month and go to dollar cost averaging or jj if I don't have any other ideas or procter and gamble if it falls to less than one percent of my portfolio... I will look at dd and see if I like it though.

Friday, June 04, 2010


heb hamburger package deal

Heb hamberger package deal looks pretty good so I bought a couple of pounds with the salad, salad dressing exc... forgot my lunch stuff though so I will go tommorow

ice transation did not work with an odd lot befour work 3-4 am... not sure how I should trade ora yet...

burger king is falling apart she says thier thing now is labor so they have all the managers work overtime (they are on salary??) there is no labels on the drinks inside on the working coke machine and I think they found a way to cut the swine ribs in half... It was probily some sort of crime that would come out on a lie detecter test.

I was hearing at work towards the end of the night that I was making to much to be living where I am living... Tuff, it isn't public housing, it's the sort of housing you end up in when you get kicked out of public housing.. I was hearing that he doesn't make anything and that is why he is living here.... He might be able to move sounds like an excuse for some sort of nonsence they have planned


three threats

I was avoiding paying off a $300 credit card bill, I am not sure why the emphasis on three there was some mention of buying a car in three months and then just alot of bs short stories that happen to have the number 3 in them.... I didn't get fired after the third month... I am throwing the big bills in the brokerage into oratek if my broker allows me to trade the odd lots by specifying the exchange otherwise I have to go to a european exchange to trade odd lots...

jj (maybe)
pg (the order depends on the price and percentage of my portfolio of previos purchaces)

the last two are dividend achievers that raise there price every year...

leftover $10 go to the bill or in savings bonds... (not available for a year so it is the same difference).... I will have to look to see wich one I am doing.


burger king johavas witness inspired abuse... sexual abuse inspired by thier stance against the military and then they try to use our insurance in a public place as part of thier excuse... The procedure may be encouraging homosexual organised crime. realy what heart was doing is sickening..

The overheard part is that a large amount of money won't do you any good.. This is constant, the reality that clearly someone has a problem and having a large store of cash is an extreamly good idea because they are trying to screw me over.. abuse was fairly strong tuesday and wednessday in the apartment...

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