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Thursday, June 30, 2005


ebay effect...

I was watching this on cnbc. I was trying to at one point auction off a terrorist attack on a synth and not on an effect. On one screen maybee it was a complaint screen it said he hijacked my stuff hijacked exc, exc, exc, The british were looking to buy train parts, A st. louis brokerage (maybe ag. edwards or scottrade) had to block ebay from the corporate website. I didn't watch all of it. nbc may be fishing. Tell a story and then roleplay something speculative to see if you get a reaction

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


we are doing an internal investigation

discover card bill came no walgreens. there is a black man that was roleplaying stuff. I get to see someone who looks like him in a police car. bill and mike are talking about golf.. bill and mike are talking about movies..... who are you trying to protect. It may be roleplayed it is henry ford street, someone stole the sign between family thrift and the ford dealership. there is empty rolling papers and a plastic car part. looks like it was placed instead of lost. xmsr went towards $35, we try child protective services... I was looking about the saudi's and explotation of children, slavery exc...., it is taboo now for me to invest because I went to child protective services and recieved investment advice in 2001. I keep hearing some mafia sounding stuff like respect but nothing about messing with the family.. doesn't sound like a code of silence.. I haven't had a good affair in awhile, her air conditioner is working... of corse it has to be the same car and everything, she is the only person I am realy nervous around..

Saturday, June 25, 2005



citibank gave me a credit card. it is a low limit of a grand..
they haven't come through with 0% though that should be worth
$6 a month or some such amount... almost 55 hours last week..
looks like it will be set up pretty good next month between the hours
and options expiration + dividends at the end of the week. I am
watching calpine and xm.. hopefully selling the right to buy
xm for the augest $35 contract. manager has a cool looking car
I should have accepted the ride the bus was not the right one
and I said forget it I have waited much to long. looking for things to
get realy realy good in sept-oct.. It is not the option it is the
decay that effects stuff. I overhear someone talking about a quick
every once in a while I come up with one of the cell-phone maker
people. look at the options and say hey you don't even have to guess
right on the direction these people are paying so much you just need
deep pockets and be in no hurry. they call it purchace averaging where
you buy at a bunch of different prices instead of trying to time it. count
the first option as a rebate off the purchase price. 7% of my portfolio ended
up with a modem maker for laptops. realy not what I probily wanted to do.
I figure I ignore such issues and just invest in other stuff the percentage
will be more spread out..

Thursday, June 23, 2005


its all about money probily.

this isn't about women and thier cars.. There is a transaction and a males becomes abuse about the finacial transaction. this includes dividend reinvestment amouts of $50 and brokerage amounts of $100 to $150. There is abuse about sexuality and then you have a bunch of new found friends at work that hang out at an alternative lifestyle club that accepts tips. to give a summory supported by logic I am being harrased by people with alternitive lifestyles over money. The only other people that approach sell cocaine. Someday I am going to read that criminal physcology book but I never seem to have one available.. Looking at the account I was hoping to make a run at $70,000. I am looking for small income producing investments to deverisify it out.. 5% in serius is probily more risk than I want.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


gunfire by perisoft

"Orbital meets Massive Attack...hrm...The artist alluded to something along these lines, which made me choose this track to begin with. I must say I am quite pleased. There's a freestyle flow guy here in my hometown that would have loved to be here when I ran this track because he would have been all over it. "................... ......... ............. .............. .........
hopefully I am not quoting to much this is off a united trackers called sounding board song looks like it is 5 minutes or so. there is also a contest if the site is still up at the .de version of untied trackers. ............. .............. ........... ................ ..............
It's the book of job the devil ask for the right to sell tobbaco on ccisd property and now these morons are trying to harrass me into getting involved in the drug trade. anytime you look up white supremist prison gangs you get drugs, extortion, tobbaco isn't realy something that would be opposed to it.,........
...... .......... ............. ............. .............. .......... ........
Bus Hound software captures i/o from dvd, cd-rw, tape, disc drives, and more.
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software bus analyzer for capturing I/O, protocol, and performance measurements ...
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PeriSoft.org - i have listened 20s and i put your file in the ...
PeriSoft. I write music. Here it is. Contact me: perisoft at perisoft dot org
Let me know if a song you want isn't available and I'll try to get it for you. ...
www.perisoft.org/ - 39k - Cached - Similar pages

........ ............. ............... ............... .............. ...........
Of note this includes the song rubber ducky writen in inpulse tracker

Friday, June 17, 2005


My name is Eric Dexter and I am a potroliholic

oil is jumping up in price bad... novatel had realy good news yesterday maybe it was after the close the stock went down by a good amount... It is just buisness customers for sprint.. It may be that I cant trade until tuesday the options went down by a good amount.. means nothing until near the end of the year and then next year as far as earnings go.. Ana marie would be at the door sometimes and I would think ya that is neat waiting for me at the door... Not realy recptionist chick.. there is a gal sorta new yorkish that reminds me of her..


somewhere I read there was two ways that you can get electric from sunlight one is solar panels and the other is a lense system that works like a magnifieng glass on a much larger scale.. hot enough to boil steel..... an envirementaly concerned company like toyota should apreciate something like that.. sea water as a cooling system and maybe recycled steam... I don't know if you would get enough salt to be worth anything.... hybred lawn mowers for envirementalists and lasy people who don't want to fill thier lawn mower as often... maybe not as good as making alcohol out of old pizza boxes and using the left over biomass for energy.. there was some sort of wierd electric outage near china close to houston. fire at a power plant I am not sure who's it is.. likely to a houston company..

Thursday, June 16, 2005


The other drugs that harrasment sells..

If someone hears alot of crap and it interfers with thier sleep sometimes they get persriptions for sleeping pills.. My neibor downstairs or maybe it was someone else had suggested it. For more money on the black market you have depression. There is some woman who used to ride the bus that had two realy bad knees. Looked worse than some of the beggers in mexico. I think she had pain killers because the guy she was with always looked stoned.. They are raising money to bomb iran or something that is why I keep hearing about these people being in the military. I haven't heard the brian sounding guy in awhile. The person down stairs is still nice to me even though I am jackass about hearing audio harrasment coming from downstairs or something. maybe he would like to buy some perscription drugs to go with his miller light..
looks like novatel september with one option.... alot more pressure and the job is alot harder to do.. I always hear someone inside someone harrasing me... not until I get outside do I realy get piece and usualy it is only if I avoid paying the county 50 cents and just go ahead and walk... sometimes I get peace on the bus.. xm got legs from somewhere. I may buy and sell later this month when the augest options come out if I can Get $200 and the price is over $35.. otherwise I might as well wait for it to expire..

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


idiots and cocaine...

He wants to make extortion threats so that I have money (to by cocain) with me because of a car... $70,000 and I can't buy a car unless he harrass me about $100 to $150 deposit in a brokerage account.. apac fell bellow $1, It's an area of concern.. $6800 in cash value that I can get right now today but that is the cover story, unless he is abusive to me and put me in a place to buy cocain he can't harrass me about walking. just can't be done.. One guy claims he is in the military, If these are the types of morons we are recruiting now we are completly doomed. without a car I am not taking drugs up when I am visiting around larado.. that realy doesn't indicate a drug war it indicates a crime family.. we would hope that apac doesn't have finacial problems but lets face it it is a tuff industry and other employers like the military are also going to have a huge effect on jobs like construction, retail and food. This is nothing compared to the amount of drugs the people around my apartment will be trying to move later on. I am not buying a car and that is just the way it is, no excuses screw anyone who has a problem with. I am not kiding about the tax base these people destroy jobs raise costs to buisness with harrasment...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


cults or whatever the fringe is on.....

selling the right to buy novatel at $15 for $40-$50 looks pretty good makes everything posible sooner waiting out three months may or may not be a problem. makes no difference where the extra cash goes to much of it is wraped up in xm,serius and novatel. (serius isn't that much of an issue).. It's 11 more days befour I can make a trade on it. looks like $140 on the 15th and $50 on the 30th for dividends.. not much of an issue just like where $700 goes isn't much of one..
I could grab $5,000 quick.. june is not that month though.. july, augest september... I think it prety much grabs me a free month in there. serius is most of a month's expences once a year. xm is the big money.. hyb isn't the right place to go though.. It uses up to much margin.. Or isn't marganable enough.. you have to ask the goverment if you can retire or not and they will say no if you are not 59 1/2... crazy sounding stuff.. I had to run that by other people is it just me or does it sound like a wierd reaction like from another planet or some outback cult that stays away from newspapers. The market didn't stay good today.. Sometimes you want things to be alright for other people even though you know that nothing will make it that way for them. I don't realy understand where the problem is coming from... It's like a cult or something, brainwashed.. but it is just the edge where they don't come out into the open.. maybe it is regression... It's the reasoning part of it or the ability to reason that I am not sure of and she will probily be better on the phone than me.

Monday, June 06, 2005


postal stuff

I could theoritcly retire in three months maybe sooner I would rather not though... We seem to have a postal person who has been roleplayed as (don) like (mafia don)... fake postmarks and items that get delayed if they get delevered at all. nothing from juniper bank.. What happened on my birthday.. A young lady came over to the house and several different versions of that young lady came about. Until there was one that was very manipulative (they mention jackson as being that way along with other people that are harmfull to children) and odd and I finaly had to go to the state not with what I was suspitious about but with what I believe they could do something about. the two terrorist attacks and the online brokerage account make it look odder. I think the cover story is to blaim a pro-life group. I had something adressed to dd (daylight donuts I belive or something simular on 05/26). The source is against the natural gas trade or dependence, yahoo looked odd to me at least the finance search there was another company listed as biomass that used unwanted anamal waste. corpus christi doesn't realy benifit from the gas terminals and there will be no generators in the city.


I do get harrased about the website. nothing does anything even if I get fired, blacklisted, harrased from the neiboring apartments (we are loosers without handguns so all we do is run our mouths). The webpage remains. I went to the state child protective services and any problem with me, my webpage exc. is a matter to talk to the police department about and not me...

Friday, June 03, 2005


turbine spot

I was on the ge website yesterday. I am not sure if the mark series has anything to do with thier wind turbines. As wierd as it seems the best spot may be the port of corpus christi.. mixed in with the cars in the parking lots.. mixed with small pieces of land that don't seem usefull at first glance.. the port pays alot less property tax......... There are some anti-iran and anti-drug groups that would rather see a little bit less natural gas enter the country from irans friend venzaula... I saw him campared to castro and making comments about american imperialism exc. exc.....

Thursday, June 02, 2005


audio rape....

Everything you would expect in rape except the physical contact. rape being desribed as a crime of hate.. An attemt to overwelm with audio... all the hate you will be a fruit, I read a book that says you will be a fruit. I will force people to become fruitloops. It has all the aspects of a preditor, you will get used to it is another of the preditor comments. You must because it is the way they see things and it is written in a book somewhere and they must harrass people and create a fight if you don't agree with the perversion. alot of devils advocacy about getting into cars. The theme changed from rape around the apartment to love of money... It is just a job, get a grip woman... There could be a mistake and they have homo not as homoside but as fruitloop I need to check my sources..

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