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Thursday, September 28, 2006


FROM THE BAT(MEN) themselves second hand smoke

This is from www.bat.com (british american tobbacco)

Quite a large number of studies report a statistically significant increase in respiratory symptoms in pre-school children exposed to ETS at home. Other studies have suggested a relationship between parental smoking and sudden infant death syndrome. Whether or not passive smoking plays a causal role in this, we believe it makes sense not to smoke around infants and young children. We also believe smokers should be considerate towards people who suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma, and who may regard themselves as particularly sensitive to ETS

You also have to wonder about food from someone like dolly madison. When thier food is marked with the tobbacco workers and cake bakers union, Is the odd taste ashes?? Thier buisness is described by some as selling death and there is even a headline about them oposeing
ddt and the malaria deaths that could cause in africa... great press, there is no right side of that
to be on for the tobbacco company..

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


symbolic or not free source code...

I don't know there is anything symbolic about this or not. http://www.batman.no/buze/
I think of bat..man.. british america tobbaco company and buze.. a buze... I don't know if there is any connection becauce I haven't looked at the source code.. Possible unconfirmed reports that he won't work with his polish driver (polac vst).... I am not sure if it is norway or not .no seems more popular than lets say .uk or .biz but not as popular as .com as far as music web pages go. They told me to hit the road today, I got a ride from a couple of nice looking babes today so even when things don't go well who can complain...

Monday, September 25, 2006


Renewable Energy from kinky friedman

This sounds alot like crop burning, I will be looking into the other parties position on this and I would have to say I agree with him about childrens health care cuts were stupid because we turned down federal money (and it would help the kids).

Renewable Energy
It's time for Texas to reclaim bragging rights as an energy icon. As governor, Kinky will accomplish that by encouraging investment and innovation in new methods of electricity generation and new fuels like biodiesel.
Think these are fringe technologies? Think again. Wind power plants, solar power arrays, and landfill gas capture systems are already in operation across Texas in cities from Fort Stockton to Fort Worth. Texas has been called "the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy," and firms from TXU to Kyocera are already clamoring for a piece of the action.
Texas is #1 in renewable energy. Developing our state's staggering potential in wind, solar, and biofuels will lead to a more independent Texas and help every Texan's bottom line.
Biodiesel—it's good enough for Willie Nelson's tour bus, and the city of Denton is using it to fuel their entire fleet of diesel trucks. Biodiesel is fuel you can grow. That's good for farmers, good for the air, good for the Texas energy industry and good for Texans. With biodiesel, everybody wins but OPEC.


unemployment insurance

I am not sure if I get paid for last week or not.. I have to go through the motions in case I don't get enough hours this week, or I don't get paid or something.. Probily annoys l.k. jordan but it goes on f.t.i. and apacs unemployment insurance. It does feel like they tried to cheat me, probily should have used thier insurance earlier.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


recruiting angels

hr http://www.diesel.com/recruitment/ I don't realy have a clue except the magazine is featuring a graphiti artist on the cover for issue 100 and I see all the kod graphit god?? just don't care except the graphiti looks bad, I think it is 4 to 99 years in jail according to the bill boards.. maybe I should look for more relevent links though http://www.xlr8r.com/


free 64 ounce katchup.. Corpus christi caller times

Looking at the coupons today.. I think they didn't use one of them.. $1.50 off of coffee and 25 cents off of katchup and then a full rebate when you send the from back in.. watching the comercials I see chris bell.. sounds like a putz and then kinky freedman. Very vauge about his energy policy except that we sould stop inporting fuel..

Saturday, September 23, 2006


natural language tool kit for python

This is just something I noticed while the re module has been driving me crazy. It is almost 25 megs probily more because there is an opitional part of it....

Version 0.6.5 (May)
Extended Shoebox support
Simple n-gram language modeling
Chinese treebank sample and corpus reader
Streamline Windows corpus installation
Words tutorial: Pywordnet discussion
Advanced programming tutorial: recommended methods for saving models (pickle?, shelve?); reading and writing XML; formatting output, tabulation; urllib
Parsing tutorial: discuss parse tree navigation
Version 0.7 (June)
Improved corpus modeling and interfaces
Feature-based grammars and parsers
Unit testing
Change corpora.basedir to be a search path
fix misc.quicksort
interpolated and backoff language models
port NLTK feature detectors and classifiers
integrate more student projects (incl TAG, textcat, paradigms)
add sequence values to FeatureStructure
decision list classifier
add OLAC support: read and write an OLAC static repository
port MXTerminator (incl James' fixes)
collocation support (chi-sq, PMI, spearman rank correlation, etc)
new material on data modelling (interlinear text, paradigms)
maxent package and tutorial
lexical semantics
good off-the-shelf tagger and chunker
more contributed materials
material on writing (adapting?) a corpus reader
information extraction (e.g. from biomedical literature)
regular expressions for extracting temporal expressions
coverage of other languages
port more NLTK corpus readers
more LDC corpus samples
Hindi materials?
add Li & Roth question classification data
SRL corpus and reader
Teaching materials
single PDF aggregate
collect all references into a final bibliography
instructor's manual?
produce latex-beamer slides for tutorials
more non-English examples and exercises throughout
get epydoc docstrings to compile cleanly
Unicode compliance
permit multiple corpus locations; allow corpus readers to be pointed at user's local files
check graphical demos on windows machines (add cf.mainloop()?)

Friday, September 22, 2006


silly film I saw once...

Take it to a motel room??? That is where the shirts came from, I don't understand why she decided to play the rest of the game.. They even tore the motel down and built a school. I am hearing sexual harrasment from the pysco-acustical problem in my apartment last night I find it odd since I could just sleep with his wife and his problem would be over. There is a chick at work that was alot more tired than I was, in fact I am not that tired from the abuse. I think she is roleplaying the video.. tease is the word I believe would be used.. I can take things wrong sometimes or she could be a derived class of whoever she is roleplaying..

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Things that morally offend me.. (what to tell the gov about jobs)

If I was offended by heat I would post it. It is to much like hell and god doesn't want us to be there. I will think up more religious objections to working later as being a worthwhile exercize in satire. I am glad to see that it is a consideration though. Having no experience an no clue is acceptable. I figure that I am worth more to the gas department because I can just take the bus and then read the meters.. I want half the money for the truck as my sign on bonus..

I just started looking at unemployment insurance.. 5 contacts a week.. I may be doing that anyway.. Worked a little bit today at a window contractor.. I am thinking what I need is a head hunter and not an agency, the cash is nice and some stuff may transfer over.. Tech people should do other things, same with sales people. I get a look at what a distributor see's or deals with when they receive from their manufacurer.. The other side of what I was looking at overhead door company.. The residential sliding door stuff just looks smaller not different, I was supprised by that but I haven't been in any new homes in awhile.. Tax deduction this year and next year for replacing windows( I was working for windows distributors just past civilization..) I never realized anything was out there and she didn't give me the numbers for the address... I am not sure if that would have helped or hurt my ability to find it.. I mistook it for a place on apallo.. Some devils advocate stuff maybe so.. The window company has a website but I forgot what it is so I can't tell what they are doing to sell to people over the net..
I noticed career builder while I was looking though.


angel marteniz derived classes....

It is a bar down morgan street... You have butch plumbing and then angels bar.. Someone has told me that the record company on staples is owned by marteniz.. I am not really sure if they are in business or not.. It is the temp company that reminded me about that and some of the people I was in contact with yesterday.. You are supposed to get rid of all of someone's references before you erase them. It is mentioned in reference to inheritence. One other batch or python routines that I am going to roleplay.. The slut package for python... It must of been when oil price were low.. Based on the glut package, with really cool graphics.. Looks very good..

I downloaded active states version of tcl. Doesn't look all that exciting. I couldn't get the vcl package that is linked from csound to work at all. There was a sound package that was released for python yesterday. I don't have any info about it except that it was released by ixi and they also have a graphics package that works with pygame and is being ported to wxwindows.. I have a job today, I think that will reduce my unemployment if I am eligible for it and I am not sure that I am..

Monday, September 18, 2006


democrat invents the internet why is the cwa website so bad

I was looking for all those jobs that the state says they are supposed to have... I believe they could probily use a bunch of free web pages and tools and even some google adds to help fund the operation.. As it is I realy can't tell what they are trying to do on the internet. Remember these are the people that represent people that make a living off of bandwidth and telephone networks... seems odd.. I a not even sure how you find the local I have searched the internet befour.. It is a complete mystery to me why they don't at least have a free webpage and a blog.. cheaper than mailing paper..


worth doing a complete python distro

Is it worth doing a complete python distrobution... It would be different but I don't know if it would be profitable.. Alot of graphics are not included in the regular distrobution. I have to look for jobs today... maybe I can get alot of web space from the coffee cup software people.. It is advertising vs the killer app.. sciphi isn't something that I have working but I do have vpython and opengl working and that isn't included in the "comercial" distrubution that is given away. Getting ready to take a shower and make a bunch of calls.. stalker type people around my apartment... I think they want me to make it stalking exciting because there realy isn't much to watch..

Saturday, September 16, 2006


more python roleplayed ha ha ha ha ha

I am still a little bumbed out from not working... here is walking from the saw (ma) down aitport past circle k to art's truck sales.. artima maybe that is a stetch.. He want's to know about memories from 10 years ago about things pythonic.. back to my book.. spraying and I still have one or two bugs..

Friday, September 15, 2006


review of python programing editor pype

Pype looks like a fairly competent editor written entirely in python. Should make it easy to extend and revise. I did notice one glich that when you make a change to add a def comand: exc with all the code and then save it does not update the bar on the tools... I have to admit that I haven't fully tested this as of yet. (alot of things that are on python.org are not realy things that interest except that I am under pressure to get cash, from a job with some sort of programming or anything else I can come up with). tootorials on dvd are probily out at this point.. I made it about 200 pages in the manual pretty quickly.. ebay has the best turtorial stuff.. may even have to try to find a colege bookstore for the best book with review questions in it..


posible overheard dork python scripting roleplaying...

"""MA: a facility for dealing with missing observations
MA is generally used as a Numeric.array look-alike.
There are some differences in semantics, see manual.
In particular note that slices are copies, not references.
by Paul F. Dubois
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Copyright 1999, 2000, 2001 Regents of the University of California.
Released for unlimited redistribution; see file Legal.htm
Documentation is in the Numeric manual; see numpy.sourceforge.net

This is from MA.py (close to a machine brand name)
in the popular Numeric package for python..
I noticed something else from python that could be roleplayed
near my apartment or at work (former work)..

iter(object [,sentinel])

they come over and say your a homo exc. exc..
generating a type error because I am the type
of object that doesn't support such iteration.
I may have some better spray to debug the apartment.
smells like the stuff the bug guy uses only $2.00
brand is hot shot. jury is still out on the stuff though.
hopefully the recycling truck is coming back.

Here is one from ctypes that is probily not roleplayed they
just write free software because they like you..

Here is an example type (Windows):
class _U(Union):
_fields_ = [("lptdesc", POINTER(TYPEDESC)),
("lpadesc", POINTER(ARRAYDESC)),
("hreftype", HREFTYPE)]

class TYPEDESC(Structure):
_fields_ = [("u", _U),
("vt", VARTYPE)]

_anonymous_ = ("u",)

shakeri is coming to town... I have to look into the "story" not sure I believe her "background" in the paper.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


don't know what it means... syfi release anounced in python cheeseshop

SYFi Ltd - State of the Art Motion Detection Systems - State Of ...SYFi Ltd - State of the Art Motion Detection Systems - State Of The Art Motion Detection Systems.
syfiltd.com/ - Similar pages

Indian industry sets up RFID association - Sify.comIndian industry sets up RFID association - Sify.com India business news, finance, Indian stock market quotes, free investing tips, BSE, NSE, ...
sify.com/finance/fullstory.php?id=13606266 - Similar pages

SyFiThe finite element method (FEM) package SyFi is a C++ library built on top of the symbolic math ... The name SyFi stands for Symbolic Finite Elements. ...
syfi.sf.net/ - Similar pages

Seems like I am in the most trouble when I go to the shack to get eye protection coincidence probily. Looks like I am back in the market for a job.. two paychecks though and way over a years rent in cash. Posted just on speculation that someone could be roleplayed, not that they are in this particular case because we deal or delt with such stuff at work to an extreme... here is the cheeseshop record...

Author: Kent-Andre Mardal
Home Page: http://syfi.sf.net
License :: OSI Approved :: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Programming Language :: C++
Programming Language :: Python
Topic :: Scientific/Engineering :: Mathematics
Cheese Shop Owner: kentsimula
DOAP record: SyFi-0.3.4.xml

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


python essential refrerence pre-review

Just some intresting quotes... Book is by David M. Beazley On the cover is doune castle. quote from inside cover "Af far is known, Doune Castle has never been owned by Guy de Lombard, and has only rarely has it been mistaken for the castle of camelot, or a Swamp Castle, or Castle Anthrax."

About the Author

towards the end a quote "he has since seen the errors of his ways and is now working as a professional musician and occasional software consultand in Chicago. He can be contacted at http://www.dabeaz.com

Book is dedicated to "The Plan" (whatever that is)

book is from 1999 but there is a third edition that is out as of feb 2006.

I have my lease now and my book the apartment rental chick is back to being my faverite person again.. I am not sure that the job at apac is going well.. She feels like I sound to much like a used car salesman, I may have to work full time at overhead door company. I don't think I am ordering another book unless I get some more of those insane 50+ hour weeks again.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


extend and revised

It sounds like the same person who is sexualy harrasing me at the bus is sexualy harrasing me on the job but I don't see the guy. It is vauge like he could be stalking me about his harrasment someone else some mention of cars though. I do hear stuff about going to strip clubs and such like it is about getting tips, someone else says all he does is write python programs he doesn't drink or do anything else. (quoteing something I said).. Sounds like the same thing I hear around the apartment.. Voice sounds like the guy who drives the forklift but I don't know that it is him because it is just sound with no person in front speaking to me,, I heard someone else talking about credit problems.. I can barely hear the saw operator though.... seems like I am waiting forever for my python manual.. Not sure about the amount of hours I am getting so I am going to avoid getting to many manuals... gasoline is dropping like a rock.. good to see that..


shirts and stuff

I am pretty sure that my employment is being stated as at will meaning if management see's a shirt they don't like they can say good by... I was thinking of a pratical joke where I get a boa constructor shirt with mean looking saber-tooth look or a python... More on the python mafia you also have .destroy(self) as the destructor Sometimes we see that on break when people go outside to smoke. The people I see making python shirts realy don't know what they are doing with the logo... plus it is released under a fair use licence where anything is game..

Monday, September 11, 2006


much less in the abuse mainly just non-relevent comment

There is almost no abuse and very little in the way of relevent sound from the bus stop, still a small amount.. There are alot of city cars and a roofer across the street.. It is not realy worth waiting for unless I am exposed to dangerous toxins,get sick, get poisened by citgo, heavy rain.. quicker to walk a ways.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Doesn't appear to be an apac discount

At Alliance Residential Management, we know there's nothing more important than providing residents a warm, inviting place to live. That's why every one of our Alliance team members is focused on doing whatever it takes to keep you satisfied. So no matter what the "good life" means to you - whether it's responsive service, attention to detail, value, or just the sense that you're where you belong, among friends and neighbors - we've got it. Because when you live in an Alliance community, it's always great to be home.

At the waterford in corpus christi) it apartently means we lie to our customers about the discounts. (See list of discounts here, no apac discount listed)
waterford and won't give copies of the contract ro the residents when we ask them to sign.. It also appears to mean that after we say it is not our problem call the cops that we retaliate on the bill after we do so..

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Example of how bad programmers are sometimes...

Line 1 I was asking about my programming manual
line 2 Told her it was from Barnes and noble
line 3 she told me she knows

I am now going to guess the other lines of the program that occur at times

line 4 I just thought I would tell you what book store it is
line 5 .....

sort of get the idea..

I am hearing how short staffed they are... I suspect if I say anything at all about the abuse that I am getting from the other apartment and anything bad about the complex I wouldn't be working for the complex... That is a control script..

Terrorist informants deserve billions and don't really feel that working at apac is enough for them... I am not really in the mood to change my answering machine and may leave it that way for years... 50+ weeks make you lazy the rest of the week..
I have been waiting forever for my python scripting book and I am irated that I ordered it when they have it in town..

The haunted bus stop on old robstown road for route 12... Very annoying.. I think it has something to do with giving money to a person with an alternative lifestyle that does cocaine.. It is strange because I am almost asleep and the intercom (probily the salvage yard) says the ccpd is not going to let you sleep there, when I sit up there is the bus.. Some sort of control of communication deal for apac northside or opec northside if you prefer. I have silence until I am walking down Weber after I got off of route 17 a bunch of abuse about driving and then I walked into the heb and almost fell asleep in line.. Not really asleep but completely zoned. Then I probily look like I am on medication when I try to operate the self serve thing at the h.e.b. I did hear someone that sounded like a black lady (Friday this is all Friday) saying that I shouldn't buy a car or somesuch and then the usual abuse from sounds like white guy or unaccented guy about buying a car and then someone telling him to shut up... (someone asked me for a cigarette and I told him I can't be buying stuff like that because I need to buy a car.. Possibly military looking person with muscles and stuff... It is sarcasm though)


python mafia..

I hear someone say the python mafia makes the cwa look like pussycats. You can roleplay my licence on csound... modular no licence.. Alot of different things up there with the licence in question... Hopefully I can get the boston police department up someones (*&#$ . Witness tampering. Harassment thursday night.. my body started to shut down from lack of sleep about 2:30 almost completly at 3:30 almost didn't leave under my own power.. probily a little slurred at the heb when I was trying to buy something. More harrasment around the apartment about driving..

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Python Scripts (roleplayed or not roleplayed

I am hearing that around the apartment that it isn't racial discrimation because they are mexican and I am white... Ya that makes sence but it is the white person in the office that is giving me so much crap with my contract and never fixes anything. Oh yea and that brown vs board thing that caused desegration is such an abusive lawsuit that I have to get the abuse every day... Same reason I was targeted at carrol high school by white tobbaco marketers.

That is what I am putting up with at waterford in corpus christi texas. I also get harrased and then someone will aproach me with drugs.. If I call the cops nothing. Maybe it is the military dealing cocaine or that is the excuse for the racial abuse. abusive person claims it is about drugs and then more of the control of comunication abuse...

This is where I am going with my racism complaint http://www.hud.gov/offices/fheo/FHLaws/index.cfm
http://www.gdwear.com I don't know if union people like pythons or not..
I suspect it may not have the words python and that they may have thier convention
in other cities besides where our corperate headquaters used to be in dallas.. Around my apartment he keeps saying he claims he kidnapped himself.. self being a part of a python program along with parent.. Alot of programs will say kill self and if that represents a union person harrasing someone they are in deep crap.. Because python is used in web prgramming and journalism needs sources it is hard to tell what is roleplayed or not roleplayed.. People are like programs to sometimes you can give them instructions that result in script errors that cause problems..

Wednesday, September 06, 2006



It is amazing that I even have time to do the lease... A contact is telling me I could be back at the city... Not realy the city a contracter for one day... may not be practicle... two back to back 50 hrs weeks.. The waterford chick is saying something about someone aproving my lease.. I am hopeing it isn't the person in charge of being abusive to try to sell me drugs.. python conference near dallas.. why did they choose addison texas.. Sounds more like a computer command I suspect.. I haven't checked to see if I can get a decent 2.5 version going for awhile.. The comercial stuff desn't realy take a while to catch up becuase realy it is about getting all the library's to the next version.. If it were me to do a commercial version it would be better manual (tutorial realy) for boa-constructor and then scipy objects added to it and maybe some visual python stuff with pywin because I am allowed to distribute music software that was created with it.. utility would be a .pdf to hhp (helpfile format) converter because there is alot of pubilic domain doc that isn't reachable with the current format... It is a pain in the (*U(**()(... wx.grid is my current obsession right now when I have time.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006



I am not sure if they are going to give me trouble or not.. You have to be carefull with your empoyees because they are fragil and they may break.. No comment though on what I saw.. When I get a copy of the contract everything is going to be alright, until then I have to wonder what is going to be pulled...... I have never had a car, I am not sure why they have me down for a gate opener thing.. looks like I am going to have a check for 44 hrs or so...

Monday, September 04, 2006


overhead door company

overhead door company owned by Sanwa Shutter Corporation has the ability to go into the alternative energy buisness. Solar heating also refered to as passive solar has long been the domain of those who have nothing left in the winter except empty beer cans. One website claims that people are willing to pay up to $2000 for black beer cans cansolair Here's a quote from the website "For $2,000, you can purchase a solar panel powered by beer cans strong enough to heat a small house." They have all the sliding door tek that would allow the equipment to be hidden in the summer and all the black aluminum that could be used for the units without adding anything at all to the inventory. With hugo chavez becoming wierder and weirder and our own costs going up because of natural gas prices it is a way to fight back..


Just an add I see all the time in python

We are hiring
Big screens, loads of bandwidth,
all the soda you can drink.

They have alot of different add's this one caught my eye though.. they probily deserve a little bit of free advertising.. I was messing around with a new copy of rope.. Looks pretty useless unless you are using emacs... That is a shame. It is written by ali gholami rudi. I am not sure what refactering is.. I would like something that allows me to import a class and then gives me a list of the items and allows me to set or leave them at the default.. Like they do for graphics.. That may not be what this is supposed to do though..

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Adam Yehiye Gadahn (KDAN?)

Adam Yehiye Gadahn (KDAN??)... I was looking at the mahine names
zwar... Ayman al-Zawahric ?? ...

A Californian who converted to Islam, he disappeared soon after the Sept. 11 attacks ..

This would seem to indicate he was still in the states befour and during sept 11

News story

Friday, September 01, 2006


times market

The times market on baldwin put out a help wanted sign.. She is very nice when I walk in and then I get the soda and say thank you mam.. I am not sure what it is may be the thank you mam or the fact that she now almost has bus fare and she doesn't have to smile anymore.. sexy long hair... wow...

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