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Friday, June 30, 2006


copy of letter to omni and dallas police department (and irving if I can find them)

I went to the dallas police department about something that was roleplayed that could have been insider trading on 911 for homas. http://www.themusicportal.com/subpage.asp?node=205376&CTitle=Buzz&Loc=%5CSoftware%7C244196%5CBuzz%7C205376&pos=3&type=full this is not the best reconstruction but hijact was closer to the top and altemark didn't like world trade and there was a webring talking about a place where airplanes go. (i am dexter by the way) there is more info here and a screen shot of the edit history I was editing as edexter http://flyservers.registerfly.com/members5/dexrow.com/ It hardly seems fair the temp service you are using will not pay me and tells me they have a job at court furniture like it is amusing (l.k. jordan). I am going back to the dallas police department because it feels like retaliation and you might want to look into the people you have in corpus christi

Thursday, June 29, 2006


cops over hear last night...

I had the cops over yesterday... prety much useless I think but I am not sure. as well as the department I think but I am not sure. The abuse was a little mellower I took a sleeping pill anyway.. mad looking femail.. maybe she is a bad omen of some kind.. cant find my prime-2 checks.. I noticed at about 2:30 that I heard it in my apartment and then when I went outside It was softer until I got near the air conditioners for the apartment across from me.. I didn't talk about the sexual harrasment and the crap about military intelegence just the lie detector test and the crap about being afraid of the lie dectector test as being the reason I wouldn't join the military.. The guy is going to kill someone with his crazy crap..

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


abassador row

I am not going to look up the spelling there are two of the streets probily and I can't find the one with the laundry. I suppose you go the the other to roleplay money laundering.... There is a gap and then it turns to angel a street (realy angela) I am still traumitised by her sex life and that she fired me. There is a black prostitute or some chick with shorts that are two tight or something... Could be they are laundering money through the strip club she is roleplaying. The one down the street from perpetual help and close to the mosque.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


possible meth abuse (for supplies)

The more abusive person starts in again. (You are supposed to embaras people who can get you a cover for the raw materials for a meth lab). I went to the wallgreens a tall blond chick goes in seems to want to know what I am buying.. Seems that way anyway like the abuse that stops when I take an asprin that happened one night. doesn't help my breathing to much though.. *(#@$ moron.


They are trying to blaime black people he/she says

If I have the context right they may be trying to screw you over and thier employees and you forget the lady mofia graphiti... abused womens shelter they want the property and to help iran If they can do it.... possible view on what the graphiti is about but not a guarentee that is what it is about... (enviremetal terrorists so they can keep people away from the refinery if they polute)... black op graphiti maybe...

Monday, June 26, 2006


extortion promise abuse

HE says it doesn't bother you that you lost money it just bothers you that I am abusive.... I started with nothing and then at 10g started to get abuse... I saw what seemed like angels brother today (little brother that is).. you have to think about the example that the people you have around you are to the other people in the family. Keep in mind that some of your co-workers are resitered as white sex offenders and they used to have black sex offenders working thier. It is always white people with names like gonzalez why is that. (I think the software only sees two races). maybe I should look into al-g to see if he can help me with all the abuse and this terrorist attack thing that is on the internet.


I think they have a new game around the apartment

The new game around the apartment is a male doing verbal harrasment befour she does the laundry??? I.e The verbal assault on my apartment to get a responce.. I had to sell some xmsr.. bad timing... not like I don't have an interest though.. I have to get a job though not just wander around for the s.e.c... she remarks on her thiness as being the reason why I shouldn't think it is her child... I don't realy know what is going on across the street. Lots of people. Angel furniture they are going around roleplaying that and she takes the name of the store.. alias or artificial person of sorts I missed posting something that could have been important. http://www.greenshiftmusic.com/ A redirect to a page in the same domain. The page was moved maybe move the mark (et silent et)...

Sunday, June 25, 2006


more abuse

I have to call the cops the abuse has to end. The one guy harras's me every time I call. There is another thing going on she is using a blond child to roleplay some chick sorta that I used to work with.. (I think).. I am going to have an argument with l.k. jordan about my personal finacial account. If I work for cnbc then they make rules but there was no such thing when I applied for the job. I see they have Frost Bank listed as a customer, that means they harrass you about your finances.. I have to say that is inproper.. A girlfriend is one thing.. She says her mom is an alcoholic and keeps up in that vein.. I can't realy say that I would trust her judgement on that.. You say that when you want to harrass someone and get gulable people to help you... hopefully I can get a job through a different temp service so that I don't go bankrupt and the four local compainies get paid... I don't think I can do buiness with frost because the minute I hear abuse I get an attitude about it.. not when I worked at frost but after that...


graphiti, unhappy teamster without plastic recycling...

I think they are talking about the govermental union vs teamsters.. I am not anti-union I am anti-crime and realy there are probily a number of ways to increase the jobs... The teamsters want you to have a non-profit to pay the the labor of recycling the plastic bottles or provide a recepticle.. He is all unhappy and stuff because he is sitting at home instead of driving a bunch of crunched plastic bottles somewhere.. maybe paper also.. I didn't get the gist at first as to who pays vs who represents and jurisdiction of the taxing district.. Talking about constrution people who are anti-union meaning unsafe.. It is realy a training place... update last time I walked the tracks they were replacing some of the ties like was told to me over the phone. I didn't realy understand why that made having a leaking rail car o.k. , It just sounded more like an employees excuse about not reporting a leak or ignoring a problem... Like the problem is weather a large number of pictures end up on the internet because of picture phones instead of the envirement.. I am not 100% certain I was talking to the same person on every call could be a way to leak some more of what happened..

Looking at the graphiti again.. The fumes may be over a wide enough area to be harrasment to the person who is filling a lawsuit.. looks simular to advertising campains I have done except I have used things like copies and stuff.. magnesiam is also or was also mtbe and alot of refinery workers may have simular issues athough the fumes may be different... I believe that lawyers should be able to contact but not harrass... I was hearing what is he doing in this neiborhood again like I wasn't supposed to see what was there..

Saturday, June 24, 2006


nas ... fumes graphiti pair

This is close to the thomas j henry office near the childrens hospital. looks like a lawsuit involving fumes from magneasium welding at nas. I am not sure about double meanings it was in fridays paper (june 23). magneasium also was used in gasoline at places like citgo and the highway at yellow stone is still on a billion postal stickers.. The fumes graphiti is much more widespread than the nas graphiti.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


veridium and the jeff's probily not.. random surfing

She says that working for women is different than working for men.. I suspect that some of these people work there because the f.b.i. is next door. I don't realy get her point though unless it has something to do with games people play to get tips. Most of the women seemed very nice. I am under the impression they do not have full time hours though. Someone could be promoting they don't want to get hurt and they want the algae (oil) scubbers. algae + exaust + fume... I get people from utah with a store in mexico. http://www.surroundair.com/car-ionizer.htm I won't know for sure until I am provided the proper number of women to infilitrate the group. Until that time we won't know if there is a tie to the jeffs at all. In the mean time more wierd transactions by veridium http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20060608005438&newsLang=en Also is a greenshift when I looked I found greenshift comics in florida... comic syndicate, gambino's.... probily nothing there...

Monday, June 19, 2006


all temps van

You can look up all temps in the blog search I have talked about thier haunted van befour. I had as a matter of fact talked to the advanced temporaries chick about it. You know that the all temps van is haunted I passed by thier one night and and she wasn't amused but to continue with a story that I did not tell all of to her. There was at least three, four cops at the pizza hut and I heard freedom of speech when I passed the van. As ugly as that sounds as part of the campain of terror on my apartment it is pretty benign.. (ya mis spelled). I went to the insurance board because it sorta sounded like someone who works or used to work there (what sat least 7 - 9 years ago memory may not be that exact about sounds could be his son for that matter).
As I noted to someone at the omni when you think of organised crime in corpus christi you should think about me because I was number 4 last time I looked although that can change. For three weeks I have called the advanced temporaries number and for three weeks I haven't talked to some mexican chick who doesn't sound amused. I seem to be talking to some male without an accent and not mez hr (like the graphiti says billions of copies of latino are laying around the office). I was getting harrased last night and I took a sleeping pill (contains aspiren or somesuch with it) I think it is lasting more than 13, 14 hours probily not the best way to sleep. I noticed the van window was broken, just one of the side windows and the weather ma on fox news mentions corpus as a place that may get vast amounts of water like houston. I was talking about l.k. jordan and some other things. I was suprised they did not want me to take a drug test since they seemed to have alot of cups in the room. The paper work says they get 50 cents per hour you work if they drive. If they get me a 12 hour shift I am cool with that. It may be another situation like the bus where the gang gets together to harras people about driving and then uses abuse to get people off the bus and then makes our zip code look high crime by yelling insane crap near holly and then attracts a county cop after I apply for a tortia making job. He was talking about some lanscaping job, I have to avoid grass clippings and I was talking about the guy who is blowing grass clippings three stories into the air. Otherwise I am cool with landscaping just some things are out......

Sunday, June 18, 2006


not sure where I am working next week

I have my first file on sourceforge. I am finding the library I am using will not compile so I am going to try to use fmod instead to start building a framework. I don't know yet if I am going to be working next week or not. I haven't started to look at the adds yet. I met the omni security saterday, I would suggest they do a walk through, there is currently alot of abuse and then comments about liking or not liking the military while legal system and law enforcement use the center. The control of comunication abuse has subsided somewhat and I can't say more just asume your employees are being tourtured in their spare time. I need the cash bad so throwing a synth together that doesn't use vst is probily worth doing. an extra c note at some point is welcome.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Daniel D. Darilek advertisement

"September 14,'1987 Senator Donald L.Nickles U:. S. Senate Washingto.n, DC 20~I0 Dear Si r, Please vote NO on the impending legislation to prohibit smoking on all airline flights, The.present system is working and all but a few very voaal anti-smokers are satisfied that their rights are ~ot being infringed upon during time spent flying. Thank you for your attention to this matter. "IF IT AIN'T BROKE-DON'T FIX IT Daniel D. Darilek 621 Lakeside Circle Edmond, OK T!0045-1279"

http://tobaccodocuments.org/nysa_indexed/TI00451275.html hard to tell if this is a real person or not the add in the corpus christi caller times says SOFT DRINK, TOBACCO, BEER, ENERGY DRINK REPS.. Derilekition of duty or These are his type of people derileks..

Some sick person took a dump in his/her pants and then threw them on the sidewalk down holly. past carrol lane I believe, wierd people

I am back to looking for a place to host my project. People make things hard just for the sake of having a control structure and to make it seem more mystical. It should be more like music hosting instead of what it is. At least provide the software to upload.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


fresh oil on the track..

The cigerette people won't let you enter contests unless you smoke.. cell phoney one is on the bus.. bagy cloths she may be anerexic I can't tell. there is a stream of oil like someone punched a hole in a quart of oil and then just poured it from a hand rail car.. They were so friendly yesterday maybe there is a job. If I am lucky there were three refrences standing outside... The rail people keep acting wierd... There was one day when the railroad crossing light was just on for no reason (down agnes) sort of makes you wonder what they are up to.

Monday, June 12, 2006


more 911 stuff?

I am looking at these chameleon people. They are using motorola chip (now freescale or something like that). The version numbers are close to buzz and they came out with something the day befour sept 10 2001. Some questions as to what was realy up there in 2001 motorola spun freeskale off sometime after that. looking for jobs again.. getting harrased somewhere around the apartment about a housekeeping job... I don't think it is full time and why let someone make $50 to harrass you.. another comment about al gore, I like the buiness incubater idea, I just think the one connected to the graphiti may do something like this.. sell assets to a 80% owned subsidary. record it as a one time profit, loose more money on the 80% owned subsidary.. I don't know where my cans were sold may be comercial metal because they support the kidney foundation.. I gave my quarter for a couple of beans.. I need cash bad though. I even have an outsmart the west thing from a cigerrete company, I think they call that a company of fags in briton and you have to think of the enemy as different.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


odd 911 report webpage


911 Report
Dance - Industrial
Checkpoint News
Rock - Techno
Come Up
Rock - Techno
Dance Icon
Dance - Pop
Enhanced Hours
Dance - Electrobeat
FM Parade
Dance - Underground
New Age - Technology
Kick & Pad
Dance - Underground
News At 01am
New Age - Athmosphere
News At 02am
Dance - Jungle
Very Fast
News At 03am
Dance - Industrial
Dance - Underground
Stock Market Power
Dance - Industrial
The Hacker
Dance - Pop
Trademark Symphony
Pop - Techno
Up To Date
Dance - Pop
Urban Structure
Pop - Contemporary
Velvet House
Dance - House
Dance - Pop
Winning Theme
Dance - Pop

this looks realy odd. I am also looking at ecomposer the software. I don't know that I want to mess with anything with a .dll in it allready in the source code. I am also looking at chameleon wich is likely to have no bearing on windows software. hopefully there is a way to convert to windows software. It is a 40 meg download with tools and such.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


more sources for veridium and local graphiti


Corn Oil Extraction Yields New Benefits for Ethanol Producers April 2006
Several ethanol producers have recently placed orders with Veridium Corporation for the use of a technology that extracts corn oil from distiller's dried grain, an ethanol by-product. The ethanol plants sell the extracted corn oil back to Veridium for additional revenue. Veridium, in turn, sells the corn oil to Mean Green Biofuels, Inc., which is currently selling the corn oil on the open market, but eventually plans to convert the corn oil into biodiesel. Veridium estimates that the five Corn Oil Extraction Systems now under order could produce as much as 9.7 million gallons of corn oil per year, which the company will sell for more than $1 per gallon. According to the company, the distiller's dried grain produced by today's ethanol industry contains roughly 300 million gallons of corn oil, 75 percent of which can be removed by the extraction process. Once extracted, the corn oil can be converted gallon for gallon into biodiesel. See the Veridium press releases and the description of the technology on the Mean Green BioFuels Web site.

It might be pond scum to some, but to others it’s the fuel of the future. Researchers at Penn State University developed a microbial fuel cell that can generate electricity from wastewater. The fuel cell takes advantage of natural microbes that feed on organic matter.

It’s just a start—in trials so far the cell hasn’t managed to create enough electricity to power a single Christmas tree light. Still, the promise of simultaneously cleaning wastewater and generating power with a naturally occurring microbe is an attractive alternative to fossil fuels



Veridium Corp. (VRDM.OB) announced its receipt of an order from Ethanol Africa for the use of Veridium’s patent-pending Corn Oil Extraction System(TM) at Ethanol Africa’s new Bothaville, South Africa ethanol production facility

maybe the graphiti artist knows me. I would perfer they paint the gas extender advertisments than vandelise peoples fences. just a thought. mire on the citgo add running about how close they are to the united states. fungable is the word that is used. There are clean air credits and it is a way to get rid of unwanted real estate. I don't think I would use my own money for that first off I could not find the south african companies website. There doesn't apear to be any major contract in the works for the algae but I could be wrong. I am back to looking at etiba or whatever at 10 and I will have to look up def's and stuff convicing anyone the company is real instead of something that looks like enron is probily a task.


al gore and micheal more An Inconvenient Truth

I was watching cnn today I notice that al gore is making the rounds again. He will be on cnn at 8 on tuesday (I think check cnn for details). I noticed alot of citgo adds paid to cnn or paid to time-warner cable here in corpus christi (owner of cnn). Being a conspiracy type of person I am going to double check to see if cnn tries to make him look bad as part of the advertising package. I notice some mention of "Occidental is one of the worst corporate polluters in the world" the source is Occidental I would have to suggest double checking this blog to see if it is more old school yellow journalism or if truth holds some sway to that blog. I may have a responcibilty to watch the documentary now. Here is a reply I posted to someones blog I should realy edit those things to make them better paragraphs

You can use a supply side issue and get the same results as fear mongering if the envirement is the issue instead of some micheal more type campain. If you search the doe they have the tek to increase supply and reduce factory emmisions by growing oil producing algaes http://www.veridium.com/ veridium is a case in point (It is good to double check with the doe if you think it is to odd to be real). Kyoto may in fact be a way to get other people to pay for more supply and create cleaner fuels. I would also like to point out that most people see it as a national issue. We do have 50 states that have energy poicies and that is one of the reasons that ethonal is being so strongly supported in farm areas. I have to admit that I did not see the film but you have to keep in mind that everyone from alan greenspan to the far left is promoting alternative fuels and even a state like texas can add a small tax i.e. one cent to increase supply or fund research. In short he is a man without charisma who appears to be long on fear and short of ideas at first glance at the blogs and google. http://www.dexrow.com

Friday, June 09, 2006


more on graphiti



I don't know if someone is claiming retaliation or not. THe oil union some people tell you what you want to hear
other people want more market share and jobs. I come home with black fingers and then the police department can
look at my employment record to debase that I did it. I don't support the vandelism. I see H.R. issue alot and
it could be two things employment issue or it could be a state bill. Even some of the republicans running for 08
don't like the oil companies. pushing for a subsidy to avoid other problems and to help texas get jobs and state
highway money is probily the best thing to do if your an oil company. good investment bad investment. This would
be a good fit with shell oil company british oil companies have a bigger image problem or at least are trying to
fight it more than american oil companies plus they have big time bio-diesel and ethonal investments anyway in
germany, canada and other places. I saw scum in the graphiti... ya pond scum (algea) this is a corpus market share
issue because the world it is going to change.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


riddle and associates

Riddle and associates

These people claim to be a debt firm calling about a debt that is over 10 years old. I am sending a cease and desist and am looking into filing a lawsuit since I see hundreds of commercials about it. Every other day for over three years and in some cases on phones without listed numbers. I didn't even think they were real.

The white dude that was on the jobsite with me looks like he is going to get hurt or killed. there isn't any reason for him to be up there without some sort of tie to the lift (IT is built for one). He was limp wristed and sometimes walked like he had 50 pounds in his boots. like some sort of degenerate nerve desease. I am not sure he isn't hopeing for an accedent for the life insurance or something. He looked like he was going over the balcony from the third floor with one of the doors. He realy shouldn't be sent out for that again. He was also telling me I should move as slowly as possible in this line of work. I did see some roleplaying stuff. genaric electric and the medicine cabnet jenson. She sleeps one her side, They had music water in the trailer. I heard someone say do you think it is abusive. Ya it could be in certain contexts, it shouldn't be that way though.


palistine link and various people.

I am kinda a moron heres the page


Can you say propaganda for iran and palistine

I noticed a couple of things. simularity between lipes and lipen
and that there is a boston street near lipes. There is or was a massage parlor
near lipen. It is on rails and being moved as I recall. I still remember it
she wants to give me a message. probily not so ominus. I am thinking the graphiti
starts around citgo and is stuff roleplayed from oakpark. There is a sign about
a jewish family owning a house. There was graphiti on a old temple (That is closed now)
rob wants to know if the graphiti is about him. It does appear they are growing algae in the swimming pool, I noticed a
chance for them to rent another apartment if they can get rid of the office they can generate more cash out of the complex.

the man looks like he has md or something and shouldn't be on the third floor. He should be at fti or something.
In the graphiti I see fumes exe... and then i see postal notes with a highway near yelloW STONE park. fumes kod.
Another job with a boston is glaziers.. that is 50% I did smell alcohol but it means nothing.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


pro-palistine non-nucular iranian standoff peace group

pro-palistine non-nucular iranian standoff peace group.
Ya it sounds like a load of crap. Here's the website..


mob graphiti origen

I was looking at the places and graphiti around oak park... I saw a house with airborne on it... maybe 83rd mob. I saw lady mob graphiti. Some other gaphiti around isn't related. I was listening to these people say things that made them sound like they should have been registered on the internet and near a city park. It was bad. Looks like I am getting some hours this week. Not enough to help maybbe. it looks bad. I will be walking past the super heb tommorow maybe.. maybe not I haven't decided if I will take that route.. looks like no drug test for me I need the money to bad..

Monday, June 05, 2006


nothing left of k other than sunflower seeds

There is nothing left of k (or kristen) other than some sunflower seeds that were left on the bus. I was going to apply over at sam kanes... Looks scary and hard to get into, I thought about aplying. I applied over at sterling... Is that supposed to be roleplayed??? sterling silver it is related to rios (rio silver). A church ended up with a large amount of cash from somewhere.. They also do prison outreach, the sign claims they have a drug ministry over there. They are from the poor side of town, to be fair they did have a very loyal following. I don't know if l.k. jordan has a real job for me or not. someone called me this morning sounded like they were unhappy I didn't have a car and said something about lipan being passed saratoga. very untrue.. bus 17 to downtown.. One of them does not like me if that was l.k. jordan. Star bonus.. I was intrested in the sex part but I suspect that doesn't involve me and I probily don't get a bonus.. she reminds me of my former boss without the blond hair. I need to take some extra quarters in case it isn't a real job and to call about the internet job I have been trying to reach. I noticed one in there for a training school and then I saw some chick who hadn't slept maybe for 72 hours fall asleep on the bus and then get off on third street. thankfully she wasn't driving. We are all hoping she doesn't end up like kay.. sad sad story..

Sunday, June 04, 2006


a sunday post

Always everyweek something is overheard. It worked right, She says extortion promises exc exc. She didn't say anything about control of communication abuse. Sounds like an older Hispanic lady that I haven't heard from befour, much less abusive than what I am used to every week. I got like half a box of grits and a coupon over 50% off cake mix. They have 20 oz of cereal for $1, the coupons do not look very good though.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


light harrasment

I am getting light audio abuse today. Last night looks like a femail took her top off. They are talking about me hanging out with out my shirt on. It annoys the mexican chick in front of my apartment. Alot of canadians were arrested today with alot of raw materials for a bomb.. 15 I believe in canada and two were arrested some time back in the u.s. The femail in question may be underage.. I can't tell it was dark but at least 3 forms of I.D. She was saying it probily made his day..

Thursday, June 01, 2006


death threat last night

One of the guys says the abuse isn't working he is going to have to figure out how to commit another crime. He is talking about shooting into the apartment. He says I want him to call the police. I should ask him to film it for me for the police. He isn't doing anything different with that he is just using various forms of abuse. The county police timed me by someone I passed on the way to fill out an heb application. He may be the guy who is messing with the bus with sound. The city police have done that also to keep the yelling down back and forth. I was pretty tired yesterday I feel much better today they may have been trying to keep me from aplying at the hotel. I went to the hotel management and told them about the pictures. I don't feel as a temp that I should tell them how to run it but acts of sabotage and safty are things to take notice of.

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