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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


gtk and vista

The Microsoft people are claiming they read all the press about vista and Microsoft. I would suggest something because I noticed something annoying when I upgraded the gimp software. They recompiled various things into new .dll libraries so when you upgrade the gimp you end up with icon (or some such) that was incompatible with the bindings thereby making items made with gtk unable because it no longer had the entry points to the .dll. It would be good to be able to have backups of the old .dll's so when these screwballs upgrade stuff and the binding is broken it could look into a 'legacy' spot when an error was generated.. The other complaint is about python and having to recompile stuff to have it work with newer versions of python. I tried delta3d the other day.. I am thinking it is possible that they did not release the entire package. I didn't really see a python binding to it although it is rumored. The other problem is it's sure size and use of alot of formats that are not supported by many packages. They appear to pay their programmers and that is a hard thing to say negative things about.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007


fishing through the memorial lists

I am fishing to see if there is anything that stands out... most likely not.. jeskola buzz.... looking for software and music people... java isn't realy used much though except for csound

Lauren Grandcolas
San Rafael, CA, United States
sales worker, Good Housekeeping magazine
UA Flight 93
Legacy.com tribute
June 18, 2002

Good Housekeeping is a publication of Hearst Magazines Division. Hearst Communications. Inc. © 2007

David DiMeglio
FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=David DiMeglio"American Flight 11
Gregariously Gifted
David DiMeglio was a child of his digital generation. He loved computers, and was this close to turning that love into a career. "He was just coming into himself," said his father, John.After working as an apprentice electrician, Mr. DiMeglio, 22, recently finished computer school and was starting a business in computer services — helping people upgrade hard drives and the like (the stuff the young somehow seem best at). He was so good at it that his father was convinced that "the business would have taken off."If it had, it would have owed a lot to this young man's outgoing personality."He loved to help people," his father said. Mr. DiMeglio's friends were numerous, but he did not reserve his charms for his peers.His 2-year-old nephew got so excited when he saw Uncle David that he could not stand still.And Mr. DiMeglio was no one-note computer nerd. He wrote and sang rap songs and loved to draw.He loved motorcycles, even dismantling one in the garage. And he was an avid wrestling fan.On Sept. 11, Mr. DiMeglio, who lived with his father near Boston, headed west on American Airlines Flight 11 to help his mother move. Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 10, 2001.Of Wakefield, formerly of Saugus, tragically, Sept. 11 at the World Trade Center N.Y.C., David. Devoted son of John DiMeglio of Wakefield & Patti (Snider) DiMeglio of California. Brother of Daniel & his wife Stacy of Stoneham. Grandson of Dorothy DiMegilo of Everett. Great-grandson of Rose Cieri of Boston & Valmore Cantin of Wakefield. Dear uncle of Daniel & June DiMeglio. A Memorial Mass will be celebrated Sat., Sept. 15 at 11 AM in St. Florence's Church, Wakefield. Relatives & Friends invited. Memorial donations are appreciated to a trust fund for is niece June and nephew Daniel DiMeglio, c/o Marie DiMeglio, 3 June Circle, Wakefield MA 01880, (781) 245-4501. Arrangements by Carroll Funeral Home, MALDEN.Paid Notice published in THE BOSTON GLOBE on 9/13/2001.



various graphics libraries

I have some more success with installing more graphics libraries with python 2.5. ogre and python installed nicely, I also installed directpy. I do have some trouble with that one probily because the graphics card doesn't support it entirely. It was something that panda3d pointed out in it's documentation about graphics. I was forced to install pysco also. I also installed pyrex (another way to use c in python). It was released yesterday and it is hard to tell if it works or not because the windows version hasn't been updated. I downloaded blender also because ogre3d is using blender files (apparently anyway). It appears that it will not recognise an external version of python that isn't 2.4.. It can take some time to learn that... looks like most of the tools for ogre are written for .net and it requires a more recent version of directx that may not even be able to be used by windows users (the install thing isn't working with my compaq laptop anyway)... I would say it is useful for animation to film but not so useful for gaming. There is another framework that doesn't work with laptops well called pygame. They are expecting a more powerful graphics card.. That leave olg (if I have it right check with wxwindows) that I almost but not quite have installed with my program.. A hole with the gimp thing at 2.8 or something before the 3.0 version that would have to be recompiled to work with python 2.5. Very annoying because alot of your graphics libraries are tied to it.

The thing with ogre is that you have to copy the directories in src to the directory of the demo that you are running or it doesn't work. The thing I discovered with directpy has to do with the lesser cards on laptops where the demo with the island everything appears except the land..

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Friday, January 26, 2007


some 911 posters and rudy for president

I have some posters from hbo/showtime. I don't realy see any resale value to it although it does have some uniqueness... Rudolph guiana in some 911 drama, Mohammad ali, vietnam war and something called path to bagdad. Being the type of guy I am I would give the nation of Islam member a discount say maybe $2000 or something. I was thinking about putting it up on ebay but I don't know that it would be all that popular.. This is the way rudy appears in google 9th and 10th spot today..

I Hate Rudy GiulianiAn Investigative Biography of Rudolph Giuliani, he says, "The father he celebrated so often was a pathological predator. His extended family harbored a ...www.lewrockwell.com/blumert/blumert39.html - 13k - Cached - Similar pages

Solutions AmericaSolutions America Logo. 575 8th Avenue New York, NY 10018.www.solutionsamerica.com/ - 1k - Cached - Similar pages

I don't know if the pages are gamed in some way, I am getting visions of Nazi's

2008 Presidential Campaign Blog: Rudy Giuliani Solutions America ...
Rudy Giuliani Solutions America PAC Web Site launched. The site features biographical information on the Mayor and a summary of his record on the issues. ...blog.4president.org/2008/2006/06/rudy_giuliani_s.html - 18k - Cached - Similar pages


big jokes

If said person is abusive and replays a website call myband/angelfire/edexter (the order may be wrong) can it be construed as retaliation for Dex Tracker.... I found issue number 30 in my closet, (angel came out of the closet she says) along with a resume that went up to the year 2000 that listed the music website along the apac as a place of employment, also a number of other items that could be used in a possible wrongful death case or murder case against the following companies.. apac, sitel, The city of corpus Christi. The big joke when it comes to some members of the corpus Christi police department in Texas is that you can be abusive and call someone a drug addict and that automatically means you are not doing it for citgo. I was told when I was working at sitel by an unidentified bell worker that it was an element of the communications workers that were doing the abuse stuff. I don't know if that is true or not because all of a sudden you have a lieing police officer, a terrorist attack, and citgo with an abusive attitude that they will murder whoever they wish because it is there right. I even had a corpus christi police officer tell me that a lie detector test isn't evidence... When I role play things in a way that isn't liked I get abuse quickly... no enforcement.. They don't seem to be deadly though unless it is an arranged accident..

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


adicted to oil

I was watching the presidents speech last night and don't really know what to think about the alternative energy part of it. Much less dramatic than last years we are addicted to oil. The danger is that food prices shoot up because we are after the wrong type of bio-matter. I did like the mention of switch grass but it requires a little bit more.... maybe the involvement of the highway department to get acreage, palm oil may work well beside the highways in some areas.. It may be as a country we have more drama with higher prices vs. lower prices.. The result is that oil prices went up because of the reserve increases..

Hopefully there is a job coming up, I am trying to not be doomed.... More fire ants... seems like the colony must be in the wall or they would not have been looking for new places to start fire ant hills in my apartment.. I am getting them in the shower allot.. freaks them out when I turn on the shower until I spray for them and then they disappear for a few days.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


comunist stuff

As our buddies at citgo go more and more Communist, you have to think about the type of propaganda that is going to come from them.. anti-investment and vandalism, the grouping together of people to arrange horror stories about capitalism exc.. exc.. exc... Verizon is being ripped on cantv... Harassing someone about investing and being abusive to sell products from Columbia (cocaine) that is Venezuela's stand.. I don't know if that means the border war between Columbia and Venezuela is going to be started up again. The backing by the police department tells me something is going on.

The chick that was at the funeral home when they were talking about door to door funeral home sales sounds like the chick at paramount... It is good to encourage people to have a decent life style xmsr shirts may be a good start to that.

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Friday, January 19, 2007


when format strings attack

looks like you can run lua from python, after getting access to lua you gain access to another graphics toolkit called http://luaforge.net/frs/?group_id=89 iup. The lua binding for python is called lunatic python http://labix.org/lunatic-python . Not that I care about any of this except now I want to know what it does and how to use it. The origanal problem was to get rid of the bat files. Bats as many people know who watch the discovery channel are usefull for getting rid of bugs.... print "Hello, %s" %(x) , what is of note is the formating borrowed from c. I haven't tested this at all and I am not sure if the % thing will work at all. I do know that there is a warning from homeland security about this sort of thing. I lost the homeland security link but here is another one http://www.ddj.com/184405774;jsessionid=BDDEMUGJOPXUMQSNDLQCKHSCJUNN2JVN

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Thursday, January 18, 2007


sunrise mall

I went to the club that had the advertisement. I asked for an app they said they hired on Tuesday... She doesn't seem like a very happy person, it is the way it goes... I went into sunrise and it looks like it is capsizing.... Lots and lots of new business but none of it is inside the mall it is all around it instead... They might consider making the stores visible from the street, it looks that bad.. The video game place seemed really quiet... to quiet half the restaurants that used to be between the movie theater and the military thing are gone... closed....


Wednesday, January 17, 2007



http://www.earth-comm.com/ I don't know if the interview went well or not... There is some confidentiality to the conversation... They do appear to have new markets and marketing tools they could use to grow or try to grow the business.. using the earthlink people as an example http://www.earthlink.net/ and because I watch to much cable t.v. I would say traffic over broadband and https://www.clixgalore.com/MerchantSignup.aspx to get more merchants and customers... Maybe we do have some high tek in corpus (besides coffee cup software)



what is the future of dex tracking??

Dex Tracker might be for sale to a or as a non-profit that does things like mentoring and other music and comunity type stuff. Funding is what it needs to have to realy gain traction. I have an interview tommorow with an ip/web space provider, hopefully I didn't put her off, I was asleep when the phone rang for about two hours. I have a new version out on source forge, various tools will come out on (or be updated) on google.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007


why dont you go to war.....

the same general approach as most hierarchical graph drawing programs, based on
the work of Warfield [War77], Carpano [Car80] and Sugiyama [STT81]. We refer
the reader to [GKNV93] for a thorough explanation of dot’s algorithms.

I am tramitised by the person who keeps asking me why don't I buy a car :) I think my job is to yell why don't you go to war.... north and some other people real (or real for the purpose of assigning credit) look like they started the documentation in march 2001.... A bunch of pdf files.. The dot language (graphviz package by att research).. I haven't got the url part of it working good yet.. dot is the only part that works well for pc... I am getting 18 errors involving printf's exc in lefty.. I may upload a new dex tracker tonight and then the updates and fixes will go up on the files part of a google board so that I keep control of distrubution and such..

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Saturday, January 13, 2007


saterday caller times

I am not sure what is going on with the Saturday corpus Christi caller times. Should I speculate maybe it is....

1) We try to make the editor feel good on his one weekend a month in the army by screwing everything up when he is gone.

2) Playing devils advocate before we get rid of the Saturday paper and do job cuts.

The problem may be that they are not getting enough advertisers. It also has an effect on the recycling, transportation, waste hauling if the Saturday paper is gone. It is much better than making cars in north Korea that one was one of the weirder ones I have seen.


Thursday, January 11, 2007


More of mr power trip

Mr power trip control freak has made himself known over the last few days interfering with my sleep. That is mr power trip he runs things because he is abusive. Harassing me and saying why don't you buy a car and asking how I feel about the drug war over and over. Mr power trip seems to have some connection to the temp service that hires menial jobs for the city. I am getting some abuse where he claims that I am encouraging vandalism. I think part of it may be a retaliation tape done with the security cameras. He says he has to be abusive to fight the drug war and I am getting nonsensical stuff about driving (no car no trafficing, but I don't hear any bragging just excuses)


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


death penality case

If you are crazy or someone is tixed off it goes something like this... http://effbot.org/zone/wck-3.htm three stands for the street where you tried to deal cocaine in 2001. wck stands for world center kill, tk3000 stands for the counts.

I would of course have to take a lie detector test about drugs but there is a cop who copped an attitude about lie detectors tests and how they are not evidence. I even offered to take a lie detector test about what is online. Here is what they did one of them started to get abusive from what sounds like the downstairs apartment behind me and the other one before he copped an attitude about the lie detector tests claims he has to do that to search my apartment for drugs. Clearly there is a problem but there is more. Before the lower paying job that tested me I get a bunch of abuse and it is about the drug trade and testing, at the other job (client not service I think) I get abuse about driving but no drug test and more money. I am not sure what the natural progression is if the corner stone of someone's defence for 3000 count of murder is about how the person who replayed throwing rocks at a police car is the only one who could roleplay the attack and stop it. In order to save them all he had to deal cocaine, in order to prevent the black man that I heard and not seen from kill me he had to deal drugs no choice.. exc. exc. exc..

I was being harassed last night and the guy was trying to get something to try to keep the 3000 count's away from him.... He asks (and this is a question I get harassed about alot) what do I think about the drug trade. State law reads that if you establish the responsibility for the commission of a crime in a jurisdiction it is yours. gratis, free gift.... Death penalty state. It is not if I would have stopped the attack it is about if he guarenteed it and it isn't a defence under state law that he is trying to commit a different more nobel crime.

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Monday, January 08, 2007


more on obsession with 3's


The thing to note about the example is
a)The widget is cross because you broke his window.
b)you have to import tkinter. ((maybe blacklisted :) stopped working maybe because (he/she) thought breaking the window was funny
c) realy you want resize other wise it just changes when the window gets smaller..

I only notice this because of the obsession of my sources (more than one) with 3's and all the broken glass. To do it well you want to start with one.

from WCK import Widget
class CrossWidget(Widget):

def ui_handle_repair(self, draw, x0, y0, x1, y1):
black = self.ui_pen("black", 5) # draw a black cross
draw.line((x0, y0, x1, y1), black)
draw.line((x0, y1, x1, y0), black)

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Saturday, January 06, 2007


broken window across the sidewalk

Someone is outside loudly claiming that someone had jumped from the second floor and broke her window (I don't recall seeing her before). She claims the window was open when she had looked. I heard something but didn't see it but I have noticed on the other side of the apartment a big hole downstairs on the outside of the apartment complex. There appears to be a new foot locker sticker on the alleged window. Misinformation is possible but it sounds like circumstantial evidence if what she saw is true... It clearly doesn't involve me regardless of what happened except as a unreliable news source.


Friday, January 05, 2007


tyson and bio-fuel

The best thing for tyson to do is to remove alot of the uneeded oil from thier food. soybean oil is required in spaghetti sauce??? The bio-fuel stuff looks alot like last year and that looks alot like the year before. They are hoping for speculators to drive up chicken fat prices and their stock Here is some notes about the upcoming year in crop burning....

Tyson has announced a renewable fuels division. Part of it is to capture a buzz word.
From a business point of view it also gets rid of supply of a by-product. Chicken and
other fats. They are planning to mix it with soybean and other oils but just enough
to make it usable. They are saying one of the markets for chicken fat is soap believe it or not.
bio-diesel from trees, The gummy soap from Canada that clogs up your sink... That is right
dove soap... Get some environmentalists together and drive up the cost so that American
soap producers can compete.. Smithfield BioEnergy is said to have plans to turn hog waste into
energy.. The downside is that feed costs are going up because their is demand from fuels...

looking at the agae sources again... hydrogen from algae..

more anti-polution in high tempiture algae for oils in christian science monitor

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


some software observations

I am almost ready to output a new version of dex tracker. One thing I noticed is that you can get rid of a program by killing it from the line up on the top i.e. there is a command line program that will get rid of this webpage goes something like this. command Blogger: dexrow - create Post.... You know the line above the menu options... Two programs that I noticed were aKill and that would go something like akill -k (then the line at top). This one seems to freeze my system and is 1.4 meg, It also has a pop up that lets you know it isn't registered and wants to know if you want to get rid of the program. very uncool. The second one is 3k but requires you to enter the entire string on top. Called wmclose by http://www.whitetown.com Looks like they are a programing house out of the Ukraine (or they are mis-represented). They claim you can find the handle of a window with spy ++ or wspy or winsite. They claim that WMclose /t "Notepad - Untitled" will get rid of the program. I misstyped it and have it as wmclose -k "Program title" (using os.system in python) It seems to generate an error for the -k part but gets rid of the program exactly like it should. Big improvement in appearance although it is hacked to say the least. They deal with databases and a little bit with spreadsheet formats.

speaking of spreadsheets I am adding support for editing in spreadsheets. Gnumeric support is already added. I also noticed there is something called open office by sun. Gnumeric has some code generating for certain types of maths, various random sequences for instance. I haven't looked to far into open office, It does claim it does data mining and probably has some unique features. Gnumeric has limited support for sliders, That could be interesting if I know why I would need one in a f line of csound code. Last but not least I was thinking about trying to test with microsoft excel. I am not sure where to get a temp copy though. excel as visual basic scripting support wich would add some interesting generation tools for scores. I am not sure what else that would add yet because the manpower training thing wont let me finish my last class yet.. temper mental (probably the java acting up).

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Monday, January 01, 2007


Cell phone blockers, detectors

I know when something is going on because of a cell phone jammer or something like a cell phone jammer. Saw this on msnbc because they were talking about why they no loner allow cell phones in a certain prison and how they find them. Electronic stalking.... I could walk around as a portable 'dead zone' making all your calls hang up on you. I would wonder why the military isn't using them to block cell phone detonations..




Sunbean (if I had the brand name right) for a short period of time had paper packaging for flouresent. GE finally has paper packaging. I have been freaking on the amount of plastic that is wasted with bulbs.. They now have the six pack at walmart for $10. Dumped paper from canada that can be recycled. Iran isn't dumping anything besides nuclear waste..

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