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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


it was a hit and a near miss

It was a hit and a near miss with a second opinion as to severity (non medical).. wap and then down on my helmet. I was followed out and objects were shown to me before I had left (checking for paperwork maybe I suspect, I can do that tomorrow morning). Someone had been telling me a couple days before how he would like to shoot the cows and that I could get his nice safe job. Why am I so important and why do you want a more dangerous job. ford called it's bonds and I noticed I have a 100% gain on my cbs bonds. I keep thinking that I should sell bonds and get out of all that.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I see a potential arson+ crime

instead of getting a newer window unit with heating and air conditioning they are giving space heaters that arc across the electrical outlet plus she tried to charge me $20 for it, plus they took out a good counter and replaced it with crap. Now they are trying to sell me an old obsolete air unit at half price, may be worth more broken at that price, It is just the filter light, but really it would be cheaper for them (electricity wise) to get rid of it probably and make it less likely to catch a negligent homicide charge.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


del monte trades ... hopefully no retal for making cash on burger king merger

mainly I have been a little worried about retaliation for making money off of burger king stock and I will add while it looked like they were running an organised short... I bought kinberly clark.. I am noticing lots and lots of cash mergers.. I am trying to hold back for a realy good one, there are two hostile ones right now that trade over $80 if one of those turns into a peacefull one then there is lots and lots of cash.... I am going to cronicle dlm ...

4 trades in 09 total of 74 shares average price is 11.39

16.76 in dividends
86.93 for offering to buy 100 shares at 10 to dollar cost average (1.17 for each share owned right now) 22.5 cents in dividends (some were bought after the first dividend date)... I would be glad to dollar cost average the purchase down. one near 100% increase in the dividend...

Thursday, September 02, 2010


burger king investment saga

corpus Christi Texas burger king ..... I am getting $24 for my shares of burger king... it looks like the insurance rate is the $21 put for January is around 7.5% for $500 worth of insurance. I might go down there to see if anyone wants to die because they are shorting burger king stock.. thats real conservative as far as how much potential loss there is from $21 ... I will buy 21 shares of Kimberly Clark and get $10 a quarter ... looks like it is the numb-nuts from the back apartment that wants to leave stuff on the gas stove and let it burn.... we are all going to die unless we buy mobile homes... he won't say anything because he doesn't want to be tied to the deed.. assuming that I know what they are trying to sell or rent because I don't and it could be a different extortion theme.

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