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Saturday, April 28, 2007


weekend projects

Look and feel is a phrase I had heard at one time..... It shouldn't be about my style it is about the customers style.... Do what you want but be careful mr customer about being to much like buzz or violating the look and feel of fruitloops... several ways to roleplay that if I wish (or put it a better way if the author wished).. I don't care what shape or size for that matter... people just feel they have to set the size in the software instead of leaving it a variable.... I don't know if I should go through sourceforge or rent-a-coder to fix the place where I am stuck if it is just $20 then I should get my cash back at some point.....

I am looking to do a language conversion something like Chinese to English or German to English or both.. I found two gui projects that lack English documentation, I get a small amount of traffic and I get to take stuff apart.... looking for the killer unknown app... I have another coding concept with csound I can do also....

Don't want to see people go to cancer... Not people I know, there is something dark about tobbaco..

Thursday, April 26, 2007


stalked by perverts

Seems like I am getting stalked by perverts.. There was a couple who aproached me and wanted to talk about the sexual content of stephen king books... It was the second one I had bought for a quarter. I myself wanted to talk about a book about crack houses by an auther from san antonio.. could be any town around here says I. I didn't ask them about thier re;lationship... do not ask do not tell... they may be democrats... yesterday morning another pervert (is there a reward for these people????) wearing a white shirt and not buttoned up, hitting on a high school student...

bmxsi looks like a scam.. stock divdend of two shares per every one owned... maybe I don't realy understand the concept and how it relates to shorting... may look into that further


Wednesday, April 25, 2007


trash emplyees protest new trucks???

I was looking in the county library and say that the mar 2001 of environment was missing from the binding.. I was also looking thought the 2000 issues and noticed that the November (check me to see if I got the right issue).. mentions that the new trucks are bad for the environment because they leave alot of trash behind for various reason... I think they were saying they missed the mark... hence the possible reason why the mar 2001 issue disappeared

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Sunday, April 22, 2007


america strikes back algae as food after the battle of the crop burning


This is the current search of algae plus recipe.. It has taken me a little while to sort of get a starting point for what hasn't been theorised yet (for the purose of science fiction 2 to 5 years out min)

befour I get into the investing part here is what the epa is saying (we are republicans think about what happens with democraps)

"The National Sustainable Design Expo features technologies that could keep your car moving with fuel made from algae, heat and cool your home with solar power, make sure the world has clean drinking water and much more"


"We are very much thinking of commercialisation of inedible oil plants such as Jatropha, possible use of algae, microbes, and bacteria as feedstock for bio-diesel production," Kammonen added."

The name of this company is nestle oil...


I havn't done enough research on this company because it just came up, but the name is
famaliar.. when I started research I noticed bacteria but then discovered that algae was being researched in a big way.. They are saying what they might do... I might go to the moon doesn't mean I will but if the company is good anyway..

looking into the companies website I get... "Comparable operating profit reached EUR 597 million, up 5.7% on 2005." We are talking about euros in some circles that is better than money. adr ticker sybal is ntoif

This is a quote from nrg a company rated as 8 on msn and listed as a moderate buy.. earnings are growing for other reasons but they are doing research on a algae system for carbon capture. It is the wrong location for huge oil production but it's the right crop.. (The right place for polution control)

":The energy-rich algae are harvested daily and can be converted into a broad range of biofuels or high-value animal feed supplements"

the symbal is nrg

HQSB.OB this is a chinese company that sells algae for food. It is possible they haven't discovered that there is oil in algae but they are a profitable groath company..

PetroSun Oil psud.pk I saw this one and I can't understand it. I noticed that they say they are doing stuff in texas and the state police should double check that..



I may have said honda befour but I was wrong..


It is possible that yamhf isn't the only ticker sybol for yamaha... They decided they wanted into the algae buisness... I think they are after algae oil as the prise but are trying to devolop tek to create disigner algae... It is shown as a growth company and says anti-oxidents are only the beggining... the method for harvesting looks electric intensive but most power not used at night is wasted anyway.. yamcy and yamcf is a ticker for further research because mircosoft doesn't go into it further..

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steriod labs

There is this person who probably drives a truck with a very visible bumper sticker on it... vet and such parked where it looks like a billboard when you are walking down the sidewalk... vietnam vet it says... He could be in business of being in business or connected to the carlot by church of acts.

Speaking of church of acts I was there and I am not sure who it was preaching... saying people don't really want to know how you are doing when they ask how is it going when things aren't going well... (memory is kinda strange when you have stressful situations short term memory specially) If you say how you are doing and keep it short it is like leaving in the middle of the movie.... You know it has to be something interesting but you don't want to ask because it isn't something that would be considered any of your business.

looking for how to create a steroid lab hopefully using allergy medicine as the ingredient..

And when I do, its either someone looking for the meth lab 2 doors down, ... It's like a TIVO on Steriods + an iPOD! http://www.AppleTVGiveaway.com ...profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=83726226 - 144k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

I don't think that is it... I just hear someone who sounds like they are on steroids and I haven't really go the gist of why I have to listen to the abuse. He is very serious and abusive (I heard this guy at walmart).. sounds like roid rage maybe... I am getting that around my apartment when people are mowing.. I don't know what roid rage is though but something is wrong with him..

Saturday, April 21, 2007


virginia tek shooting circumstantial abuse conspiracyy...

I don't realy question what happened or what the killer said that would be disrepectfull...

Just looking at circumstantial evidence to prove incitement to violence.... staring at the wall is something the killer was described as doing alot... possibly the result of being zoned from abuse.. The timing of the shooting on the day when tyson and conoco agreed to provide up to 3% of diesel fuel. The statements he made that could be the result of abuse and aren't really coherent could be because the abuser didn't get his message communicated the way he wished.. Internet web stuff that is similar to 911 on alternative energy (But didn't replay the shooting as far as I know). His reference to cancer (A personality on the web at the same time as hijact was named cancer)....

Found a big company that is in the alternative algae oil for fuel business (at least in the testing phase) http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=NRG

The company they are buying it from should not be confused with a public company that is not credible..

Thursday, April 19, 2007


green shift vs green fuel

I think it may be intentional confusion between greenshift and greenfuel... I have noticed the algae oil stories have started to appear in the press releases of reputable public companies... Sorta floating around without credibility and some half truths and no real way to make money off of it... The public company didn't get busted but if you look up algae oil and fraud you get stories about thier "customers" carjacking and ties to organised crime... barrons also is questing the validity of the company... greenshift is privite and their may be a chance that a name that had a contract at one time with the feds was picked up... And stranger...... You wouldn't put it past the government to print money to look into some of this stuff..

Honda wants into the business for environmental reasons... what did they come up with.. growing algae indoors with artificial light.... not that creditable at first glance to environmentalists.. They have products now to sell as anti-oxidants... and alot of patents and a base to work from... I don't know what that means..

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


renewable stuff

tyson announced a huge deal with conoco for reformulated waste food oil... crisco and cosmetic prices could go up a little bit plus such stuff is exported... Alot of it has been dumped and is a waste problem... tyson had a choice because of the ethanol thing.. alternative energy or bankrupcy...

ormat sent me thier company report... Is the multiple high maybe looks like they are adding 10% to thier generating capacity next year. Texas leases are mentioned only in passing no project is mentioned... The thing to note is that we go after ELECTRICITY plants based on COMPETING WITH OTHER LOCALS...... WRONG WRONG WRONG... We Have a strip of several miles that generate waste heat (refineries) along with pipelines (ormat makes waste heat deals with several pipelines in several countries).. at 15 cents a kilowatt hour, alternative generation requirements and a growing market we just aren't marketing the right type of business the right way..... forced investment and then do whatever you want with the shares (A certain portion is borrowed and paid by the capacity) is a good way to get busness without competing with other places.... Alot of us can send envelopes to our shareholders instead of our neighbors we have the skills..

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Thursday, April 12, 2007


pluie documentation

Hopefully I can have a new revised manual sometime tomorrow for pluie for python (translated from french)... I may include it in the distribution depending on cercumstance and weather I can get other issues fixed for a new release... Terrorist attack in Algeria... I was watching that on the news at burger king... very unfortunate



THe bus stalker chick.. ???

I am sorta asleep at 9 a.m.. chick dressed in black... hey hey I'm feeling blue babies in black and (I forget the rest of the song 50 or 60's ventage)... She said hello while two people are in the zone making it hard to figure out who she is saying hello to.. There is a black stalker chick (maybe).. instead of getting off the bus and heading towards king she goes past the exit the first time then we stop and pick people up and then she gets off the buss and walks towards king..

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


angel of death... and her crack dog..

I am dead inside it says and then I pass by what is or a representation of a black chick that is always asleep outside wrapped in a blanket... I won't say anything about nappy hair, It is like saying stuff about us on our side of the island about hearing gods calling and hanging out with other men... very offensive... There is a book called angel of death... apartently there is a crack house like the crack house I used to walk past on odem street, it talks about how they dissapear people who interfere with the drug trade including cops and make alot of money dealing drugs and doing stuff for the community..

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


atf french fry filter and leaks exc....

I saw the police department and the atf near where there was a car wreck the other day along bus route 17..... This person gets on the bus.... angele or that is her monicer... she says her cousin is on the top ten most wanted list... she knows where he is she says but she isn't going to say anything... drugs or some such...

I got mad about the fryer filter saterday.... The tube just shot out in the direction on the cook/manager... I was ticked I thing they are doing it on purpose and then he distracts me while I am doing it and he knows the equipment is screwed up.... He took over for me and listed what is probily a little less than 50 pounds of hot greese plus the weight of the metal and put it back into the fryer... I was amazed at how stupid the whole thing was... It may have partialy been a reaction to haveing all of them drug tested...

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Saturday, April 07, 2007



There is a chick that has some lipstick in a tube... she dropped it close to the table yesterday.. Naturally you are just assume or accept it is lipstick.. I am not sure I want to see that around the table.. Is it necessary really to have it without the stick as a gell...

I went by the baseball stadium... You have the right gate and a 9 and a 10.... The right way to invest maybe with Microsoft ratings on the stock of 9 and 10... hr is spray painted everywhere... An hr problem... maybe it is about gary bonds so I looked up the kod graphiti + bonds and just following that I found danish bonds denominated in euro's... It would work as a closed end fund playing on the euro's rise or as an investment for larger sums.. much better than the etf's or etn's

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


symbal payx company paychex

This one is creepy... We are replaying a place maybe.. this or that person dislikes there job exc exc.. different ways to role play stuff... do you want to benefit from insider info about 911 911 Panorama Trail SouthRochester NY 14625 (the source of the address is Microsoft).... same version number as buzz befour it crashed..
Sales 1.8 Bil (buzz crashed at 1.8 supposedly) then it was sold to fruity loops...

looks like it is a growth company with alot of cash flow per share.. replaying my bosses bicycle... THe X bike that was given to him and we do have alot of black employees that may be trying to give off the appearance of the nation of Islam.. unusual option pricing indicates people think something is going to happen.. I wouldn't get involved unless you make it a small part of your portfolio (long) or with someone else's money.. a combination of shares and a out of the money call at 42.50 is pretty low risk with a low cost brokerage where they are $1.. Listed as a cash king when I went searching through google news...

I am also looking at our messed up payroll and clockin system..

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some figurative stuff

If I take things figuratively... you have texas industries (jason) and they own paper so they encourage you to use it for different things in the buisness.... pepsi did the same thing when they bought some resteraunt buisness... You have kkr and now they are going to be taking care of your children and they own a tobbaco comapany (and first data). Does that mean you are going to see more kraft and cigerettes at dollar general.... roleplaying maybe inside a jail somewhere... knife is hidden up high and there is the fight that is sorta being played out between the "black lady" and man and there is some encouragement to get other people into the fight... (If I take it figurative in that way instead of literal).... I am also looking at X (someone gave him the bike)... The phrase catch a falling knife... We have the xmsr and dish network at burger king.. paychecks... I saw it on one of the money shows as having the options indicating something.... I would have to pridict the way it would be roleplayed.....

The other side of the security camara is probily intresting...

Monday, April 02, 2007


reasons why a sat tv company might want xmsr...

For the same reasons sirius wants it to limit potential compition for it's main product... Reducing costs perhaps by combining satellites and other systems.. In at least one case it free's up bandwidth (the sirius deal free's up bandwidth because some of the channels are on both systems).. Keeps sirius from using the additional bandwidth (perhaps in combination with newer tek later on) from moving into the satilite t.v. space in a serious way. Right now sirius offers three t.v. channels only. makes it easier to cross sell sat t.v. to car manufactures. Right now the institution ownership of xmsr is listed as 97%. This tends to indicate that the price will be higher in the future.. (It's a good sign that is much better than a stock rising on hype alone)


Sunday, April 01, 2007


the burger king conspiracy

Yahoo burger king listing ( corpus christi texas tx )

Our store has the two stars that represent a managers dwi, he is buying a car soon from what I understand .... But we are going to transfer him to a three star store... Just one more devils advocate thing that may be used to sabatoge the store... we have a wi-fi in the store and we are open 24 hours so it is a good place to do homework and that sort of thing at night.




She has groceries???? It could be a bunch of devils advocates stuff that I should stay out of, reminds me of a chick I saw on msnbc... I haven't looked at the coupons yet.. maybe nothing worth while.

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