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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


del monte trades ... hopefully no retal for making cash on burger king merger

mainly I have been a little worried about retaliation for making money off of burger king stock and I will add while it looked like they were running an organised short... I bought kinberly clark.. I am noticing lots and lots of cash mergers.. I am trying to hold back for a realy good one, there are two hostile ones right now that trade over $80 if one of those turns into a peacefull one then there is lots and lots of cash.... I am going to cronicle dlm ...

4 trades in 09 total of 74 shares average price is 11.39

16.76 in dividends
86.93 for offering to buy 100 shares at 10 to dollar cost average (1.17 for each share owned right now) 22.5 cents in dividends (some were bought after the first dividend date)... I would be glad to dollar cost average the purchase down. one near 100% increase in the dividend...


definitely love this site
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