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Saturday, June 25, 2005



citibank gave me a credit card. it is a low limit of a grand..
they haven't come through with 0% though that should be worth
$6 a month or some such amount... almost 55 hours last week..
looks like it will be set up pretty good next month between the hours
and options expiration + dividends at the end of the week. I am
watching calpine and xm.. hopefully selling the right to buy
xm for the augest $35 contract. manager has a cool looking car
I should have accepted the ride the bus was not the right one
and I said forget it I have waited much to long. looking for things to
get realy realy good in sept-oct.. It is not the option it is the
decay that effects stuff. I overhear someone talking about a quick
every once in a while I come up with one of the cell-phone maker
people. look at the options and say hey you don't even have to guess
right on the direction these people are paying so much you just need
deep pockets and be in no hurry. they call it purchace averaging where
you buy at a bunch of different prices instead of trying to time it. count
the first option as a rebate off the purchase price. 7% of my portfolio ended
up with a modem maker for laptops. realy not what I probily wanted to do.
I figure I ignore such issues and just invest in other stuff the percentage
will be more spread out..

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