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Thursday, June 23, 2005


its all about money probily.

this isn't about women and thier cars.. There is a transaction and a males becomes abuse about the finacial transaction. this includes dividend reinvestment amouts of $50 and brokerage amounts of $100 to $150. There is abuse about sexuality and then you have a bunch of new found friends at work that hang out at an alternative lifestyle club that accepts tips. to give a summory supported by logic I am being harrased by people with alternitive lifestyles over money. The only other people that approach sell cocaine. Someday I am going to read that criminal physcology book but I never seem to have one available.. Looking at the account I was hoping to make a run at $70,000. I am looking for small income producing investments to deverisify it out.. 5% in serius is probily more risk than I want.

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