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Friday, June 17, 2005


My name is Eric Dexter and I am a potroliholic

oil is jumping up in price bad... novatel had realy good news yesterday maybe it was after the close the stock went down by a good amount... It is just buisness customers for sprint.. It may be that I cant trade until tuesday the options went down by a good amount.. means nothing until near the end of the year and then next year as far as earnings go.. Ana marie would be at the door sometimes and I would think ya that is neat waiting for me at the door... Not realy recptionist chick.. there is a gal sorta new yorkish that reminds me of her..


somewhere I read there was two ways that you can get electric from sunlight one is solar panels and the other is a lense system that works like a magnifieng glass on a much larger scale.. hot enough to boil steel..... an envirementaly concerned company like toyota should apreciate something like that.. sea water as a cooling system and maybe recycled steam... I don't know if you would get enough salt to be worth anything.... hybred lawn mowers for envirementalists and lasy people who don't want to fill thier lawn mower as often... maybe not as good as making alcohol out of old pizza boxes and using the left over biomass for energy.. there was some sort of wierd electric outage near china close to houston. fire at a power plant I am not sure who's it is.. likely to a houston company..

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