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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


we are doing an internal investigation

discover card bill came no walgreens. there is a black man that was roleplaying stuff. I get to see someone who looks like him in a police car. bill and mike are talking about golf.. bill and mike are talking about movies..... who are you trying to protect. It may be roleplayed it is henry ford street, someone stole the sign between family thrift and the ford dealership. there is empty rolling papers and a plastic car part. looks like it was placed instead of lost. xmsr went towards $35, we try child protective services... I was looking about the saudi's and explotation of children, slavery exc...., it is taboo now for me to invest because I went to child protective services and recieved investment advice in 2001. I keep hearing some mafia sounding stuff like respect but nothing about messing with the family.. doesn't sound like a code of silence.. I haven't had a good affair in awhile, her air conditioner is working... of corse it has to be the same car and everything, she is the only person I am realy nervous around..

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