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Friday, July 08, 2005


he says you want to sell all your stocks in augest

You want to sell all your stocks in augest he says. The first thing he asks me is if I made money yesterday. As of late I make money everyday early this week the portfolio went down and back up.. xm is getting close to $36, yesterday the portfolio went up $100 today it went up $1,200. possibly over $70,000 by early next week regardless of weather I invest. Yes that is what I want to do pay a few extra $1,000 in cap gains tax because your my friend and I believe that is good advice. It has gone up almost every day since the end of may.. I bought ford perfered I just sell options not shares. Oil prices suck, I am going to put together one of those hybred mowers with a bailer think so it can become ethonal.. Yesterday the explosion, I was thinking of taking the day off and then with the t.v. I decided to go to work when I was walking back towards kostoroz, a couple of black people were doing the lawn a white person in a rusty pickup truck does a uturn and flips someone off. It's the perscusion complex where it is probily me but I say there closer.. The number of larger trucks that come near and do uturns, this guy though is the closest one to a wreck yet. The worst case sit.. put the rent on a card and let it float for 20 more days... thats september not augest, I start looking for cash. sept 11'th always look out for that day. wavetrain

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