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Thursday, July 07, 2005


leftover stuff

computer crashed last night did not let me mention enviremental terrorist sign or protest down holly painted on a field for sale. I get some mention about after all I have done for you and the next time you see jenny rios exc. exc.. I am not sure what that was about and then. turned on the t.v. and the train bombing (british was on). I know I specuated on that I don't know if I posted it. sorta looked like a train bomb in califronia san fran... everone knows they are all homo's. likely to have a neg support on demand. Noticed people running last night also a couple of hey bails.. I could become a contraianion on the colapse of briten... got options?? The threats. across the mexican border on to the train and bam... just a guess. alot of threats about trading in any stock. The audio in particular was about novitel and a south african steel company. some audio that I comited some kind of crime or something probily the excuse to keep me away from things that would make me understand a contact (if there is one) or to prevent anything from being looked into. It is about novatell and I cost averaged it and it has been in my blog for along time. sold alot of puts at $10, dollar cost averaged the price down, the proper thing to do is go to the sec and not harrass me. contraian view is the british etf as a covered trade to grab some cash. I don't tend to do country etf unless there is a div to speak of (or any mutual without much div)

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