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Sunday, July 17, 2005


more of the harrasment

Anyone who knows me knows that If something were to happen to me the money should go to help the protistants in nothern ireland who have been the victoms of violence and that under no circumstances is anyone claiming to be related to me to get anything. I am getting some harrasment that suggests that it is someone different to not get into a black persons care as opposed to not getting into a white persons car. Alot of audio harrasment as a matter a fact regarding the issue, the usual harrasment about money. what appears to be a dissaproval when I come in with a company report or something as if other people have some sort of say or something in the matter. Alot of sexual abuse that is used as an excuse to have a wiretap and is the foundations of the extortion threats. see prison gangs in search engine as to how the gang pyscology works. I would suggest that you are more likely to have a murder because you are making extortion threats with survailenc than any other reason and it doesn't protect anyway it is probily a likely source of a later homicide. When the catholics talk about people who hear gods calling take confession and spend there time around other men it sounds like satire of the people around me. Just like apac seems to be a satire of miller light at times. .................. I am under alot of pressure to invest in a conservative mannor. seems odd considering how bad the sexual abuse is from the men around the apartment and at work at times. I am under alot of pressure to spend nothing because of the harrasment about my finances anyway. Someone was overheard talking about index's I don't know that I completly aprove of them, I don't completly dissaprove you have to keep in mind they are keeping in some cases $33 percent of your dividends and higher. The eco index spawned something called xtf. This is for people who invest based on personal beliefs, It may be that a closed end fund could use eco but turn it into an eletric only fund. not index but low expence. cpn covered trades, uu, spi, a couple of nothern utilities that have alot of hydroelectric. $50,000 is the absolute min to be listed on the pink sheets. other companies overseas windtricity (or whatever the irish company is). two spanish companies one wind power one hydroelectric. have to be alot more sizable in cash to pull off multiple markets. 1% of $50,000 comes out to $500. doesn't realy pay that well with smaller amounts of cash.

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