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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


novatell rumor somewhat true

novatell company report came out. The best source is still lucent tech, mostly goes there first, at least as far as 3G equipment sales. The company report says they may be included by a laptop maker. At least a desire to be standard equipment. I made around 10 seperate trades of shares, calls and puts. They don't seem to list all the countries they do buisness, It may be that alot hasn't been constructed as of yet, places like packistan exc. I grabed two puts of calpine at $3, they gave me $86 for october. shouldn't matter that much if it trades around $1 of where it is at. grabbed $180 out of xm, no reason to risk it going down to just $100 trade again, take the money and run. looks like calpine is set to expire out of the money, may be worth around $140 in cash, or $20 a month in decay (cash value stays the same when you trade).

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