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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


oil prices at $61...

someone says look at that looser who wals and she also talks about her looser boyfriend... I am not sure of the gist of that except everyone around her is a looser, could be guilt by association. They all look under age so I just ignore it. Went towards $68,000 this morning a full 10g since begining my training at verizon wireless. I have been very fortunate. then the market pulled back a little bit. The harrasment is getting to me, I am pretty sure that they harrass people and then sell cocaine. It's the amount of cafeen (spelled wrong) that I drink just to handle being around it. It is even worse around the apartment close to paydays sometimes. (stock pick) syntrolium because the loosers who walk have noticed what these gas stations are doing to polute the landscape. The part the people find the most offesive it the waste caused by that third number when gasoline hit $1. The people that call bush a natzi haven't realy said anything about the crop burning they are doing up north (bio deasel, and verities). I suspect there is going to be a new found "envirementalism" in the eastern states at some point is heating oil prices keep going up. the hybreds start coming with more of a vegence. The electric industry, some day the nucular plants they built in the 50's will need to be replaced. Some day (and alot recently) gas plants are going to closed because of cost (and effiecnetcy). That is why I am investing my money in spi's. I wasn't expecting to hit $70,000 til october a little of a suprise xm pulled back after it hit the money at $35 back down to $34. ............. stupid truck tricks truck with port lavoca on the licence plate things instead of licence plates. I bet if someone who looks like me walks past petes radiator and whatever the shop is with the skyjacker truck parts they will get someone who drives like an idiot like that just walk down holly.. what you get it a four wheel drive truck coming up to you parrell and doing a u-turn. It is a conspiracy man, that means the police can keep your truck

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