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Friday, July 01, 2005


reasons why she is forex (to much crown royal)

reasons why she is forex. he drinks to much crown royal he smokes to much exc... I don't know if john's is still down there and then you have a port shopping center. I was thinking maybe shipping some giant magnifieng glass's to mexico (they are supposed to be about as effecient as solar). boil off all the water ship it to the drinking system, ship the electric out, damn up the rio grand and pump the water toward larado nuevo and other realy dry places.. Call my company the rio grand authority with power plants on both sides of brownsville. The eco enviremental index has come out along with the exchange traded fund xtf. I was scanning through that looks like western windfarms that bills itself as the only us traded windfarm company (you can trade wind in canada and not mess around with fee's if they ever make canadian dollars off of it) and instead spi, scotland power inc. spi is said to be an ads instead of an adr think of the comercial (make it happen) is listed (they have windfarms). I am a little perplexed as to why a hydroelectric spanish company and windfarm company are not listed. also hear a little bit about an irish company. investers have a demand for the companies, imagine a small cogenerater that is solar and gives off alot of water. corpus christi as a giant battery endless sun and water. xmsr is just a few cents under $35 something happened to the demand for the options. at one time that would be a $400 trade. looks to be about $170 or something per each for augest or if buying it back is $180 in cash tuesday instead of waiting for expiration on the 15th

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