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Saturday, July 30, 2005


we killed him she? says.. around 5 am

hopefully it's not as bad as that sounds.. The abuse gets realy bad starting on thursday then alot of phone calls, always some cops.. The fruits are using the circle k camera's you may find tapes of people that can be linked to encited violence. I get a bunch of abuse when stocks go up and down and then some fruit says he is supposed to embarrass him and that is why he is abusive. xm is almost back at $35 that is $200 thereabouts.. hoping for a little time. boss woman has a cool tatoo, amung all the wierd body piercing styles and other tatoo's some artistic person thought to center tatoo's. We should all thank that person for it...... alot of abuse about making extortion threats said to get rid of excuses about driving. reminds me a little of mike durwalker as a voice profile. Alot of times it is effeminate men complaining and making threats about investments..

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