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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


yahoo and conspiracy stuff....

I am looking for whatever is being roleplayed

Mr. William Clay Ford Jr., 47
Chairman, Chief Exec. Officer, Member of Fin. Committee, Chairman of Environmental & Public Policy Committee and Member of Environmental & Public Policy Committee N/A $ 5.33M
Mr. Jim Padilla , 59
Pres, Chief Operating Officer $ 3.00M $ 686.00K
Mr. Michael E. Bannister , 55
Group VP, Chairman of Ford Motor Credit Co, Chief Exec. Officer of Ford Motor Credit Co of Ford Motor Credit Co N/A N/A
Mr. Bob Dover , 59
Chairman of Jaguar and Land Rover and Chief Exec. of Jaguar and Land Rover N/A N/A
Mr. Gregory C. Smith , 53
Exec. VP and Pres of The Americas $ 1.88M N/A

The only two that stand out is william (bill) ford and michael bannister. bill and mike are talking about movies. bill and mike are talking about golf (gulf). and then jerry takes over (ford?). This company is like a family. I noticed all those trust things on the website. You have one of the comedy movies where it says This could happen to you and then terrorist attack and airplane. What have you done for me lately. ........... ............... ..................
yahoo went down below $35 not a big loss maybe more cash that way. I traded serius from a $5 option to a $7.50 option. I am not sure that was a good idea, and it was because I wrote the wrong symbal down. I am trading xm if xm goes down perferibly for $200. The perfered option at ford at around $40 is like getting the bond at over $7 and the option for the right to buy at $13.50 or there-abouts. At least as far as effecting the price I wouldn't exchange it though. look for it for less that $40 and grab the yield..

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