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Sunday, August 28, 2005


looks like a 15 cent rise in gas

I am sure some of the stuff around my apartment has been coming from citgo.... ie venezuala and iran with not much to do with anything that is pro-life. I keep getting asked about driving like there is an expected reply about gas prices and then price keep going up. looks like there is a local company that does coal to gas.. the local part is construction materials.. I am hoping for a grand in october/late september but the insurance companies and gas prices are going to kill prices tommorow most likely. maybe wedness or sooner because less gas because of shutdowns will cause the price to go up... It has to hit around $4 to be like 1979 because the cars are much better than they were.. There is something about the number of square miles that are available to bad farmers for bio-mas crops such as grass and tree's must be over 150 square miles minus at least half for structures and driveways.... I may have that wrong... You would thing you could grow the yiest for alcohol and then reuse it to grow something that produces oil...

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