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Friday, August 19, 2005


medco puts and alergy assiciates

aa.... alergy associates could you see him shorting merck or buying puts (merk medco is a different company). The morons come over here trying to abuse people into buying alergy medicine and blowing dust everywhere. Down stairs? they are talking about shorting merk would be a problem for him because he is talking about a terrorist attack (on my vst page there is more) and people shorting stocks and he's right I don't short stocks and you should use puts (limited risk in case they find oil under the headquarters or something) if you want my blessings on it. Roleplay what is in your interest now that you are a specal interest corrupted in a way. That person who is harrasing everyone and forcing people onto unnessary medication or that kid who is being abused and ended up on add medicine. I don't know if I was overly obnoxious to some black dude yesterday, I don't realy need a phone I can yell it to the feds near the airbase. It is going to be extortion promice day again pretty soon and that means the person is claiming to have authority to harras people from the militay or maybe even god himself... There was a couple of hispanic people who (maybe hispanic) who seem unsafe to be around jkass if that doesn't violate the cussing problems.. You could see them pulling someone into thier car without that much problem. They were saying come here like I am some kind of idiot and would get that close to them. she wants to talk to you inside and other stuff, she wants you and other such nonsence. I walk around everyone that's a head start if there is a problem I did have this guy who is somewhat dissabled end up into the ditch because he was after the time and I always talk to them.. Felt bad about that, it's the head start policy, two steps ahead of every drug dealer or whatever..

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