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Monday, August 08, 2005


tax breaks methonal and mower people... oil at$64 a barrel

quote from microsoft

Vehicles powered by compressed or liquefied natural gas, hydrogen or any liquid fuel that's at least 85% methanol (E85) qualify based on a complex formula pegged to cost, weight, emissions and fuel efficiency. Qualifying cars and trucks cannot operate on gasoline or diesel, and the credit is available through 2010.

I think they may mean ethanol and not methanol. The city mower guy is fun to watch with the tweezer thing he has to pick up trash. I notice more trash in other places, I don't blaim him I blaim society. circle k has alot more trash than usual, the school distric has more trash. A non-traditional co-op..... mowing co-op, make it a paying crop for alcohol and get rid of that moron who is blowing grass clippings into the sky.. It is not the fault of most of the people involved it is getting expensive to waste that stuff though. where is one of those sustainable comunity grants when you need them. ............. ................ ........................ .................... I am hearing a little bit of the transfer garbage as it refers to my purchase of a car (as if that mattered it is a cover story for the person harrasing me about my cash) The realy abusive one hasn't been heard from yet, it may be that he is just gone on vacation. there was some bomb threat note that came from huston while everything was quiet. The paper says it could have been from a prior flight dallas from huston. It is small cash to compared to what is coming through the account or is going to be coming through the account..

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