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Saturday, September 17, 2005


chinese go west policy

The chinese go west policy is reported to have started somewhere around 2000 into the muslem areas that are around afganistan. The muslems are pretty much discriminated against and the three georges dam goes up into the provence. I saw it twice.... goa.... music (goa away), and a page that was gone after the spanish attack go spain (looking for the government under spain). who knows what it would take to bring it down.... more than just a plane probily.. looking to the sauds.... going pro-chinese or at least willing to trade with them..... water plants... someday there will be no natural gas... You wouldn't think it but if anyone would pioneer smaller solar-lense statigies it would be one of those arab countries that need it the most... destined to east dust like the serpent out of gennisus, One of those things that is purely optional in a hot solar friendly place (think giant magnifing glass boiling sea water).... I was looking at con-agra... some sort of synthetic fuel buisness... maybe half of 8 million.. looks like a food company that isn't doing that well with no mention of synthetic oil realy.. 400 to 600 barrels a day realy isn't that much.. Natural gas in arabia and kuwait is probily worth more as oil than water.. The fasination with jackson roleplayed...... abc....123 the go network..... all those chinese goods going to western ports in the desert feed by aquaducts....

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