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Saturday, September 03, 2005


conspiracy to comit murder.......

someone has a problem with the miltitary exc. exc. and it's policy so they
decide to harrass other people. I understand what conspiracy to comit murder
is. Is one person being abusive to the scond person the truth when that person
is being harrased isn't a prosicution or a defence question. I know what a tobbaco
lawsuit is... speaking of the alchol tobbaco and firearms... It seems that something
gets sabotaged at the end of the lease. Rats are more common sanitary maybe a
word that gets confused with murder by hurricane or over a bridge. I went to the
office and let them know that it was off the side of the porch and there is a potential
electrical fire. It sounds like someone is pulling stuff up the laundry room walls and
then the next morning I get a rat in the ceiling. These are all potential electrical fire
items I don't think the office cares about my deposit, It's to openly wierd, It's a potential
insurance fraud or arson issue. I think one day a fire was set on purpose to get me to
look at the website no disrepect to the fbi it is just the wrong office for what happens
around me. just because there is an abusive person who says I cannot get a job where
I can talk about what is happing in the aparment complex around a cop and something
that sounds like it is being pushed up the wall befour rats or rat appears along with exposed
wiring with the last caviot being that I should just hang out and wait for death by storm to
avoid audio abuse doesn't mean I can't be a jackass about it while I apply for the job jeez
It is like people expect respect or something I expect smoke if the rats chew the
electrical wiring... circumstanisial that there is damage to the apartment by the person..

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