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Friday, September 02, 2005


frozen food price drop

There are a couple of items in fozen food. I don't know if it is the storm or not, waste not want not. interest rate predictions are everywhere, alot of comments everything from skipping to being the end of it to everything going along as if nothing had happened. The fed doesn't have any control, unless it is for negitive results. concerned there is going to be a fire if my light just stay's the way it is. I can say all kinds of things circumstancial including having passed stuff to the city recycling center about fire at another apartment. Not sure who passed it to my apartment. The office had caught at one time. water doesn't usualy just blow in though. It should be on the list unless they are trying to burn it down or something... just gravity most likely. I had to remind her of the deposit, I dout that gets rid of all the abuse, It sounds like conspiracy to comit murder, even more so now that new orleans is wipped out. That I have to live where I would die when the next hurricane hits. organised harrasment. torrnado warning has been spoted near alice..... I might want to unwind calpine there is slow news on alot of stocks.... my spi's (scottish power) seem to have gained notice because of thier wind turbines..... Not economic calapse just that shock like 911. Power belongs to the poeple, it is only if you want to pay higher prices for natural gas or electric, you can even get your tax breaks and feel good that you are helping other people when you put your panels up they should expand the credit to smaller wind turbines and tax free ira distribution to pay for it.

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