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Friday, September 02, 2005


the fruits become angry when you talk about abuse

You would have to be on drugs if respect is something you expect to get from abuse. One of the fruits became upset sounds like a potentialy violent person. I don't think gas prices are that high, There was some coment that sounds resentfull of me talking about the harrasment. I have signed the contract and I suspect that property values are not good on north beach currently. It's kind of exciting that a abusive crime fruit gets screwed by no..... remember just say no..... 12 month contract with $100 off for three months.. to bad so sad.. ..... not that I want to but I grabbed my scottrade checking account book... A check $5000...$6000 for a year in advance isn't that much of a big deal either although someone will become abusive (tuesday or monday) because it is not a first commerce bank check. The abusive person claims he is allowed to do that to harrass me into buying a car. The guy is supposed to be godley... like a priest ya know... As a kid I think they roleplayed the neiborhood. your stupid you remind me of your grand father (think catholic)... (hearing gods calling perhaps).... your stupid and I don't want him to work on a car I don't even want you to work on a bicycle.. exc. exc..

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