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Monday, September 12, 2005


the job begins and ends somewhere

An overwight position and I can take money at a profit.. there is a pattern of it going down befour option expiration... $300 aint bad... the two things.... There is a seperation between the job and my account she could fire me tommorow and the trades are the same..... I heard befour work the job isn't going to last until march and that I need the money to but a car.... I don't realy get how that involves my brokerage account I thing it is a script by someone who didn't realy think about it befour it was said... I have to look up some stocks software and stocks... that is ms and msnbc all the way... china is on my list of things to research... I don't tout stocks I ridicule them small caps some of these may be alright I am looking for a list of them though....

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