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Saturday, September 24, 2005


steel prices

steel prices.... scientific american is talking about carbon composits to take the weight of cars down.... smaller cars 120 miles per gallon I am not sure I believe that there was a bunch of closed texaco stations in west texas that looked like they shut down right when the storm hit new orleans. a little befour maybe.. I am getting ebay stuff in my email they are looking to raise barriors to entery by adding phone to it... It may be critical mass they are trying to achive by going around languges they would pay big money for the fabeled bable-fish from the hich-hikers guide to the universe... realy abusive going mmmm... car dealership named bear and you know there are no radio stations that are english. very abusive.. It is time to take debt down.., everything became realy merky... scientific american claimes you get more alchohol with wood alcohol and switch grass... sounds like a west texas way to reduce a fire hazzard... piles of lumber from brush... how true it is and the price that anyone would pay for such a thing... there has to be 100's of square miles of brush/ranch land...

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