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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


abusive looser around the apartment again

abusive looser around the apartment again.... A year in jail for sexualy harrasing an informent... I don't hear homo like homocide I hear sexual harrasment and how he doesn'
t care if I say something about the abuse or yell his tips an what pete alverez has personaly given him permission to do like harrasing alot of holly about some nonesence about a car and how pete alverez has personily said he can make threats about brokerage account... To dispute the claim you would have to have the name of the person who is giving him permission to run a crime family like I said rather loudly in front of alot of people at a larger bank this is a management problem at the police department... you can argue who but you cant argue there is an organised crime problem in 78415 (known as corpus christi's worst crime zip code for the south side being in 78415 is reasonable susption to start with yelling at my apartment that you are going to be abusive regardless of weather I mention it is just silly I am trying charecter assanation regardless of what he does and it make no difference to me if I am charged or not for talking about the 78415 published crime zip code) gang action an organised that would be atf and not fbi.... that is for terrorist attacks to but they are supposed to talk to each other.. final word he is going to go out of his way to be abusive in corpus christi's worst gang zip code on the south side regardless of what is said out loud because crime pays.... driving and talking at the same time, I like it but I am put in a bad spot about the job aspect of it... We now have cell phone debters prison. not aloud to bring cell phones with you... The economy seems bad, whats the best thing that can happen with harrasment if you know there is no money and then what is the worst thing seems like a silly thing to go to jail for..

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