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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


computers back from infinate reboot

It is new people and a bunch of abuse.... There is also the minupulation games if the security wants you to talk to a particular person. Maybe not the security but whoever is in charge of the abuse. Chick at the walgreens... why do you care about my zipcode, Alot of the customers work at apac... I was paced once hear what I hear... The car stuff again the answer is no you do not have a say in my finances. No say in where I go... very stupid don't know what the origanal source is. Jarhead comercial fantastic song, I have trouble equating it to the movie.. I hear harrasment and then someone getting there rights read to them... I will hear the same thing forever every week.... hellish.. computers back from infinate reboot... election confusion....., I heard that from somewhere I called it an intelegence test.. That's me with my hairem moving to free public land in smith county,.... devopment debt isn't real debt it is different... The city can sell the gas department to the public (or part of it) it we need to take an intrest in a coal plan (clean that is)........

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