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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


paycheck day again

Waterburger chick is a babe and she is a go-getter. leaving the name out on purpose, personThe scottrade check went through... Pro-rates... It is average daily balence, $5 or something for using scottrade checks instead of leaving it in checking mostly I dout average drops below $12,000 but it will be at least 12,500 compared to 17,500..... the hurricane made me realise rates aren't going back down.. The harrasment is pretty intense.. my multiplier is .71 should drop my payment by around $40 a month.. november is another good month for using scottrade checks for my bills to lower the average balence... I don't know if I can drop the average to 11,500 or not.. I didn't get my vacation hours again...., I sort of think they have a thing going on where someone goes after the postal reward but I am not realy intrested in knowing or getting involved... If I can keep the assets mostly in place while quickly dropping the margin than I have everything worked out....

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