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Monday, October 17, 2005


what dreams may come

that is what I was listing to some abusive person who sounds a little like brian, (that I went to high school with... The skinny girl he was going out with and quotes at network and drug package (real people that you can see and everything). inc from what dreams may come with robin williams.... A.C. D.C. came out with I am going to win in sin city exc... Even when you loose you win sounds like me, never saw the movie.. Another quote it is all in your mind exc. exc... There was a song maybe from the movie maybe it isn't from the movie I realy didn't think of it as my type of flix... It is two late he is married to her it is too late she is married to him exc.. exc.. then sarcasm ya it is to late for her.... She kills herself in the movie and the kids are gone, to heavy with medifore to go into the movie back and forth and realy understand it.. Alot of abuse and then movie refrences and I didn't get much sleep for three days.. I am just getting the usual abuse around the apartment I think there was something from the military credit union about car financing and that my credit is very good... Some tall woman who looks like veronica was on the phone... I hear someone at h.e.b. that is very abusive and the phone rang alot as compared to normal... I no longer answer any of the calls, I don't have time for games on my day off so unless I am paid to answer the phone then I just won't...

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