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Monday, November 21, 2005


back at the extortion threats again around the apartment (after 5 p.m.)

I have a check for almost $5000 (I will probily be talking to cops tommorow because of it) that I haven't cashed yet that works very well as a conspiracy when combined with people with to much knoledge of my accounts.. He says he is going to pay his debt down to less than $10,000. The bank is probily going to call the police and realy why would anyone spend time on something that has 0 percent chance for profit.. harrasment doesn't work. I suspect I don't get a choice they will call the cops for me, in the mean time I have male and femail acting like they want to make threats that would help the person trying to pull the scam.. Or harrasment if you will implying they can comit securities fraud with a direa of the mouth campain.

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