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Thursday, November 03, 2005



Trying out new laptop.... 1.4 with rebates... Not real happy with the speed think it is other factors besides clock speed.... pop up blocker works well... portable I can take it on the bus... les watts should save a little on electric with one less plug in and low wattage stuff.... microsoft money is disapointing on the comacq..... everything else gets parted out.... mouse goes here... should be able to change other things like internet service and brokerage to get the cash back.... saved 25% on interest this month but I can probily do better or send my fee's down I think I average $30-$50 to these companies because I don't get my choice just what would work on a fried system... java is a big deal never worked well..... the computer I bought in 1999-2000 is working better and has or had been the first buzz machine......

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