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Monday, November 14, 2005


a couple of cars

A couple of cars for under the amount I have in my checking at all times. I don't know if the transfer will take a month did not happen yet.. they eat me alive with option fees.. I start going towards $100 a month... I think it has much better reserve requirements.. should pay everything down fairly quick... have until next monday befour expiration nothing happens befour then probily... 12 forms of id first... sorry I am only registered to my website.. A question is mentioned and the answer is unrealised capital gains... I am not sure that is her question.. Who's the actor with the mole... same concept and she is like waxed or oiled or something... There is something on msn that most fights about money (at least between spouces) is about power (in the relationship mostly). Think that is likely to be true for people who are not married to and then you look at other people and there relationship to each other exc exc... I want her to be my neibors parole officer if she's clean..

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