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Monday, November 07, 2005


look for more music stuff from my laptop soon

looks like everything is working very well with the laptop... net zero is a little bit of an improvement should be back to writing software soon.... hopefully anyway.. watching the rumors about spi early this morning.. Not sure what they would replace that with in the eco index or xtf or whatever they call the enviremental etf... kvr doesn't look like it updates... there is some boards that I could sindicate instead I supose... still looks a little messy to put everything back the way it was..... I may test out the microphone and do some samples... not industrial more office work samples.... clacking of keys waste baskets... vending machine samples..... I noticed that I can do laptop to laptop calling for free with netzero I don't know that I want my own telephone number for it though...... I am still getting alot of harrasment about whatever.... worst of the worse these people. I think they are trying to go just out of range of the highspeed wi-fi to harrass me.. noticed that some of that dissapeared from being in front of the apartment... The talking loudly part seems that it would pick up on a webcam or mike connected to a computer alot better that way.. It is like having someone under house arrest that should be in a west texas prison somewhere...........

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