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Monday, November 14, 2005


maybe he's under pressure....

The guy is contuionsly running his mouth again. payday is tommorow, some of what I hear is excuses why he can harrass me about money.. One of the msnbc programs in the prison worst of the worst where you hear screaming and they drive you crazy in three years.... There is also some bs. that I have to or not have to get involved with other people that may be targeted by the individuals.. The answer is no I don't have to get involved with anything or anyone I do not wish to get involved with.... Found a pick that looks intresting nite.... it was a screen of companies with above average inst holdings.. looks like they should have a big profit jump and a fairly low mult.... It has been 7 days the account still hasn't moved yet.. this one isn't the big one in terms of moving... xmsr looks like it is going up on news that advertising isn't going to be wimpy..

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