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Friday, November 25, 2005


microsoft and capsizing dvd and computer prices

If I would have read thursday paper I would have seen that dvd and computer prices are capsizing.... It may be computer closeouts hard to tell.. laptops have never been that inexpensive though.... microsoft because someone asked may still have a good year they have some big chalenges in internet service and advertising (because of consolidation) they also have area's where they can expand in advertising... microsoft money and webtools being an area where alot of advertising can be gained what they should look at is google.... the openess of some of the content because they partialy panicked because of aol and grabbed all the trafic they could get in case they were dumped.... microsoft has the same problems but can go back and find ways to syndicate for other portals and web readers plus expand content... Saw a dvd recorder brake the $100 price may continue to drop in price..

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