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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


ophimer cop at bus stop

openhiemer being the right way to invest as opposed to taking investment advice from gang graphiti. Brokerages make alot off of mutual funds they are get a part every year without making more trades... it is all roleplayed as scottrade but not scottrade. They have money in trust probily in mutual funds kids and stuff because that is where the money is for the brokerage. They don't want to talk to you realy, they don't want to store a bunch of values in thier system for (forget the word for set price for a sale) you to sell stocks. That was a recent change as well as repricing the interest rates.. realy looking at them you would think you would get perks if you had a certain amount of mutual funds. (other brokerages, because we inform on our competitors)... I am not against mutual funds at all... as a part of research and deverisification you don't all of a suddon want to benifit from tobbaco sales and be corrupted by it, or other vices...
I don't know if I should call him kino or not... just roleplaying the route ...... It's about time.... johns auto sales... exc.. exc... I could imagine his family wife works at the subway sandwich shop and daughter a call girl (ha figuratively).. I dout it is his family looks like people are roleplaying the brokerages... .005 cents a share and .75 cents for an option trade.. beats $8.5 and $14.50 Research on forien compainies is not that easy unless you are just going after a sector like evienmental i.e. windmills and hydro stuff. As oppesed to the quality of U.S. screens... I like the concept of options express where they let banks combine them into thier system as thier brokerage plus they email you your dividends and such... public company..
After some graphiti the bus went past the stop to a bus stop with graphiti.. $500 reward, They (whoever it is knows me or about me maybe doesn't mean that I know enough to get $500).. I saw some black people but no black people with spray cans.. sorta has a da vita feel to it but there was alot more evilier stuff going on at the time...

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