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Tuesday, November 22, 2005



cons and scripts don't like promotion I don't know who gang bangers or unintrested parties.... The candian number sounded french when it was called (We called at the bank).... doesn't sound like the person on the other end is cornered sounded scripted though. practiced is probily a better word... better to promote to gang's than to cops or whatever but I am not sure the audience and then the banker says it is happening all the time regular scam best not to get your name mixed up in it. The name promoted it pretty widely and expects word of mouth advertising. I don't know if they still do postal rewards or not... they pay you to encite violence aganst postal employee's or that is the impression I get from what is going on around the apartment.. Here is something.... I can't see you but you know who I am and say something about my apearence... what's that?? but there is more I can't see anything and you know who I am and are admiting you are harrasing someone who just pased a envolope to a postal inspector..... (two different tribes or groupings of wanderers if you will).. It is all visual with no explanation you have to know part of it to get much of a sence of what your seeing.... I could get shot, I am hoping for some less than hostile people.... there is a stop sign that is vandelised on tiger? lane... that may be an informant the rest of the graphiti or alot of the graphiti on the south side I don't make much sence out of it..

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