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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


sap graphiti and other stuff

I am very tired and everyone looks underage.... tatoo.... forgive me for not saying hello lack of sleep did me in... I have a corpus christi police reference number.. I may go downtown tommorow to see if anything is left of it.. computer thing and some audio harrasment screw it I will say exactly what happened instead of making it sound nice... still have a strip club pass in the apartment don't know if they will honor it though may be expired in some way.. It is not the end of the world if I can't work at first data.. walmart is dissapointing me.. I want the investment plan and the whole bit. I think the sap thing on the aplication thing is painted all over the universe (sap is on the app)... In the walmart bathroom.. Me and the ibm people could get together after a natzi music software company.. stienberg.. Or they could get jobs in india (delphi or borland)... It is not just microsoft you have people like dark basic doing some compilers it would put the cool back to add alot of music and more gaming support... not mentioning names but two prostitutes and there is no judgement unhappy about what they have or had to do... The devils advocacy factor.. I am sure I deal with people just as bad as some of them do... We run a clean strip club none off that stuff happens here, although some may wish for an excuse to shut us down. The abuse some of the people involved dish out to people is horrific don't want to make you work here just if you want to... economics and reality being tuff stuff sometimes..... White supremist stuff in the bathroom that is something that had happened at apac and dissapeared. I could never tell if it was a black or white white supremist but they were some sick pupies in the bathroom... smelled like that fermited urine that you hear about in the prison shows on cnbc... Didn't look like stock symbols but could have been... nice little brick houses it a shame the graphiti has to be everywhere.. I could try the walmart website but I don't know if that will make the job thing look alot worse or not.... I would feel a little odd about shoping there if I couldn't apply there even if they did turn me down..

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