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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


sexualy harrased around my apartment...

These people are just idiots.... There is some distance she is smoking a cigerette she is laundering, no grapefruit she seems like a grapefruit woman... got a haircut, Does having real live military people make people more or less abusive during the shopping season... took the ride downtown didn't see fti should still be there not much out there about the same... There is an angel folder she is empty .... someone says that angel is a guys name on the phone. Who names thier son angel.. little angel is probily only sometimes true.. got out of calpine just in time at least the put calls... I probily need a job instead of taking three years off or something..... I don't remember if there is a funtracker I may need to look for it... covert file to c++ builder file I will have to remember the option compiler is probily to old.. just a plain file that writes to a .wav file will work... I realy should have a better phone but that will probily be some time coming... haircut... add says call fti.. I will go in person probily the best thing to do...

Wired has an article why high gas prices are good for america... They have some of the tek.. it's editorialised somewhat talking about 1000 years plus of energy something hydryde frozen and other stuff....

Why $5 Gas Is Good for America Nov. 22, 2005 The skyrocketing cost of oil is sending pump prices ­soaring. It's also subsidizing research into technologies that can change the energy game. By Spencer Reiss of Wired magazine.

The other pick is what everyone is always complaining about the seagate scandel.... 1.8 all the music computers crash.. see apple ipod and my new answering machine (remember tape)... it's a short play into 08?? only a
matter of time 01/08..

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