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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


thanksgiving eve

Transfering nightmare.... everything goes through the roof except calpine and I can't tell if they are doomed or not.... looks like $3000 exposure minus whatever I took out of it and it's alot.. I want to reduce that enough to have a realy good end of the year... Options express says they are transfering and interactive brokers say they are not and then locked me out of the account... I am ready to pay a big chunk of debt off they made it hard to transfer and scottrade seems to be reducing service as a way to get rid of labor maybe having trouble figuring out if they are having finacial problems or there is another issue involved bonds wont transfer mutual funds won't transfer...........
Sharp looking and I think she has a boyfriend or somethng nice to get a smile there is so much evil or it looks that way because it is so close. In hell you know everyone is evil but the furter up you go the rosier it looks maybe just the neiborhood... think they are firing me monday or something. I don't know for sure but suspect they promote homosexuality and then decide on promotions being a hetrosexual is against policy (not calling all of management A bunch of fruits just a subset that goes through the cycle ..... that is just the vibes I get anyway)...
Interest rates are supposed to be nearing peak that means........ market goes down because of the end of the market cycle. sep is in the graphiti all over the place that is german software of it it rines with sep that is s and p (500 the spiders).... roger and out

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