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Saturday, December 17, 2005


audio harrasment about $75 in a options xpress acount

not realy worth making threats about having trouble understanding. I think it has something to do with sexual exploitation started getting the homo harrasment again.. I am very unlikely to vote democrat for any office. $75 won't go anywhere exc. exc.. 2 g's in checking and a job, the other is just a hassle where postal employees get smeared and excuses are made why people are allowed to be stupid. Its $100+ spread into several accounts and there is checking so I can bi-pass the postal service if I need to.. I saved the last envolope where there were wierd markings and a reluctence to deliver the mail.. theres more I am going to be homeless because one dividend is only $75, now is the time to panic and screw over a bunch of banks that do buisness in corpus christi is pretty much the physcology of it...

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