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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


befour christmas..

I noticed the gal at the mcdonalds and then heard varius stuff.. I don't describe such stuff... she may be underage also, she is working later than I would expect though.. descibe actions and stuff na I am after a hamburger with cheese and I am polite to everyone... cop has some sort of what may be an illeagal hunting light.. looks like it could be dangorously bright at the wrong angles.. they want someone to load lists into the computer... someone is giving me a story about not having a place to stay and then says he has a place to stay but he would have to sleep with some chick named laura... I am having trouble with that one and then the story completly breaks down... katrina even if it is true suspention of disbelief and I am the last person in the world who should mention it.. He offered to give me her number... The number of people looking for a place to stay seems to be sizable..On the bus and at work and everything.. inhaler is sitting on the table.., and there they are out standing and then bringing in all the alerigens from outside. It is bad for the kids and everything.. there is a differnce between the shots and all the other type of stuff... some of the blowing around stuff is unnessary.. It isn't as dry as it was..

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