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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


couging up green stuff

coughing up green stuff forever was able to get almost 8 hours instead of waking up not breathing well with my throat swolen.. still some of that my aspren substitute is running low.. nvtl went back towards $12.50... 5 puts for january.. won't be looking at feb until at least next week... looking at a bunch of pure data code complaing about downloading that strange extracter and then getting nothing but code to draw rectangles from one of the programs. looks like they paid me 12 or 13 cents for the trouble though... If I can fix the typefaces I could have a fairly unique sound portal... A whole drive full of music links... csound library doesn't look to be as flexable as I want.... I am not sure a csound/pure data tracker is possible. looks like just the newer csound stuff that accepts midi would work with it..

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