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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


the day after they fried king crypt

she is all the ganster chicks I watch on t.v. I haven't realy heard about the types of crimes I get around the apartment to much... It sounds realy messed up even if she is full of it.... alone for the hollidays that doesn't realy sound cool either.. There is a black chick with the child waiting for the next bus, it is the ganster sign on her arm I suppose I am hostile and the stuff next door is scary enough for her to wait thirty minutes for the next bus because she isn't sure if I am racialy pysco because of it.. It's the gang tatoo with the name. homo all the cryts..... She is in love with her boyfriend though he is getting out of jail next month took a little bit befour I remembered the origanal source unless on the off chance it is the original woman that I don't remember it just sounds like this..... she is doing the tatoo's to get even with the spouce.. I am not making fun of her, I haven't heard what she says down stairs... I always get special treatment death threats and strippers... I got into some black chicks car once over 5 years ago... I stand out like that, it's not about her it is that I didn't get into another car for another two years and after I had something that said hijact and I was harrased and possibly aproached by someone I know was doing coke rehab... I was more worried about dieing in a ditch If I wasn't carefull about who's car I got into. Then three years later I accepted a ride in a car because the person was black and then I decided to h?#@(*$ with it I am walking I don't need a buch of crap and I feel the tri-county drug people owe me at least 10g for all the people around the apartment.
............ ................ .................. I atribute it all to the racial stuff next door and not to the security camaras on the bus maybe I am unaware of what happened. seems she went to alot of trouble to not positivly or negativily interact. It is like watching the bandwidth spikes from across the street. I was stopped when I brought the laptop on the bus quickly, you can do the same thing with rbasic pretty easy scanning waves....

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